7 Things A Women Should Never Write In An Online Dating Profile

The 7 Things A Woman Should Never

Write In An Online Dating Profile

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

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But before we get started on what you should be writing in an online dating profile, it’s absolutely critical that you understand what you shouldn’t write in an online dating profile.  Even the smallest unintentional red flag or mis-move has the potential to scare off a great guy who may otherwise been interested in chatting with you.

1.  I’m not looking to play games.

With all the game players, manipulators, and serial daters out there, it’s perfectly understandable why you would want to write this in on your online dating profile


The only problem is, when a man sees this statement, he will instantly start to wonder how many times you have been the victim of games yourself, and thus, will wonder if you are possibly carrying baggage.

2.  I’m not looking for drama

Similar to the example above, men will wonder whether or not the exact opposite is true.  The same women who claim they don’t love drama, are often the biggest culprits of creating drama themselves.

This may not be true for you,  but men will read this statement in your profile and fear that you are nothing but drama yourself.

3. Are there any nice guys left out there?

Writing this in your online dating profile screams that you have been burnt in the past, and will unintentionally project the image of someone who is frustrated and desperate to find someone.  True or not, perception is everything.

4.  If you are (insert qualities you are not looking for), please move on to the next profile.

Think you are going to ward off men who you have no interest in by making lists of what you don’t want in a man?  Think again.

The scum of the online dating world isn’t even reading your profile anyway.  But by making lists of what you don’t want, you are sending off negative energy and causing the good guys to wonder if you are a negative person who is carrying baggage.

Focus instead on what you are looking for and keep the profile positive at all times.  You can always delete the messages you don’t want.

5.  I’m not really into the whole online dating thing, but thought I’d give this a try. 

Nothing gets a man more excited for a first online date than a woman who proclaims she wishes she was meeting a man elsewhere (Sarcasm alert).  You may not want to be online dating, but appearing pessimistic is not a good look.


Sure, this may not be how you dreamed of meeting your future husband, but we live in a different time and era now, and online dating is completely mainstream. Stay positive and put your best foot forward if you want to attract the right kind of energy.  There is nothing attractive about appearing judgmental towards the medium that you are attempting to meet someone on.

6.  I don’t really like writing about myself (followed be two or three short sentences)

This won’t make men think you are bad at writing about yourself (even if this is true), but it will make them think you are boring and not interesting.  If you want a great guy to take notice, give them a reason to take notice and put some effort into that profile writing. 

7.  I’m much more interesting in person.

Perhaps, but when the best guys on these dating sites have several messages coming at them every single day, unless you are ridiculously good looking, you will not wind up in the first date position to prove this.  At least not the ones who are worth dating.  The highest quality men d0 actually care what you say online.  

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