About Next Evolution Matchmaking - Learn About Our NEM Professionals
Learn about Next Evolution Matchmaking, and why NEM founder Joshua Pompey set about creating this game-changing business for successful professionals...
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About Us

Meet Joshua Pompey

A Message from Founder Joshua Pompey

Dear friends,


First and foremost, I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to learn about Next Evolution Matchmaking.  I couldn’t be more excited about the future, as we continue to revolutionize the matchmaking industry and provide methods for finding relationships that actually work.


Here at NEM, our mission is simple:  To form meaningful connections for the busy professional, using online dating as the source, a medium that in this day and age, will provide you with the highest chances of success.


As someone who is known as the best online dating expert in the world, for years I would have clients come to me after leaving traditional matchmaking companies filled with frustration and anger.  Whether these clients were paying $5,000 or $40,000 for a “luxury” service, the complaints were always the same – hardly any dates, matches that were nothing like their requests, and companies that blamed them when voicing that they were being ripped off.


To make things worse, as someone who has been an online dating specialist for nearly a decade, I have had many conversations with “reputable” matchmakers about their methods.  To my surprise, on more than one occasion a matchmaker confessed that he or she just matches up clients with whomever is available, as their companies do not usually have enough matches, or matches that actually want to date their clients.


To say this is highly immoral and unacceptable when thousands of dollars are on the line is a complete understatement.  Everyone deserves a fair shot at finding love, especially when they are making a large financial and emotional commitment.


Here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, we are taking these outdated methods of Matchmaking and bringing them to the 21st century.  Once upon a time online dating sites were something to be embarrassed about, populated by a dating pool that very few people would want to engage with.


Not anymore.   These days online dating sites are filled with countless successful and beautiful people.  Whether you are looking for a doctor, lawyer, performer, veterinarian, model, or just about any walk of life you can think of, you can find countless singles online that match your criteria, of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities.


Here at NEM, my staff and I are the best in the world at finding, attracting, and lining up dates with these matches.


With over half a decade of experience, thousands of hours spent on dating sites, and media recognition as the best online dater in the world, my staff is fully trained and more than equipped to provide you with the results that you want, and deserve.


Our experts will dedicate five days a week to your coaching, matching, and success.  Having never had a request for a refund on this service, with NEM, it is my mission to make sure each and every one of you walk away feeling as if you had the experience of a lifetime working with us.


So don’t hesitate any longer.  If you are a busy and successful professional, you deserve the reward of a great relationship to complete your otherwise amazing life.   Let us assist you and we will never let you down.





Joshua Pompey