Are Matchmakers a Scam

Are Matchmakers A Scam?

In this article Joshua Pompey discusses several important facts to consider before committing to a membership.

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

If you are doing your due diligence searching for a professional matchmaker, you may have come across a lot of accusations that traditional matchmakers are scams.

Which raises the million dollar question, or in your case, the potential multi-thousand dollar question, are matchmakers a scam?

Over the years this has been a question I have been asked countless times over so I thought I would take the time to properly address it.

First and foremost, I would have to concede to the fact that not all matchmakers are scams.  With so many matchmakers circulating the industry, there are bound to be a few reputable ones here and there that are doing their absolute best to find their clients love.

With that said, here’s the bad news.  Just about all of the stories I have been told over the years about matchmakers range from bad, to downright horrifying. 

Perhaps even more alarming is that all the stories I have heard tend to share the same commonalities.  This indicates a pattern of behavior in the industry as opposed to just random isolated events.

The most common complaints I’ve received about hiring matchmakers are:

  • Misrepresenting the types of dates that they would deliver
  • Providing very few dates throughout the duration of the membership
  • Many weeks, and sometimes months passing between new dates
  • Low quality dates
  • Matchmakers blaming their clients when they raise concerns about the quality of dates
  • A refusal to refund money despite not providing the services as promised
  • Matchmakers dodging their clients phone calls
  • Companies hiring “ringers” as dates
  • Being set up with people that were recruited from online dating sites
  • Paying extremely expensive membership fees that didn’t match up to the quality of service
  • Dates that don’t align with fundamental commonalities and values

These are far and away the most common complaints I have received.  In addition, most people I’ve talked to haven’t been limited to just one or two of the issues listed above.  They usually experience almost all of these issues (If not all).

So here’s my advice:

If you want to go ahead and try out a traditional matchmaker, it’s very possible there are a few reputable ones circulating the industry  Not all matchmakers are a scam.  But I strongly advise you to do a ton of research first if you plan on going down this route.

The final question, and most important question that I would urge you to consider is, how many people have you ever known in your life that met through a matchmaker?  Have any of your friends met through a matchmaker?  Friends of friends?  Family?  Distant cousins?  Any celebrities you’ve seen on television?

The truth is, you probably haven’t because the process just doesn’t work in the modern day world.   This is for the most part an outdated medium and unethical field that is mostly populated by matchmakers who are looking to make a quick score off of people who are trying to find love. 

This is why I invented Next Evolution Matchmaking. 

These days the quality singles are all found online, and with my modern spin on matchmaking, bringing traditional matchmaking to the online dating world, we have found busy, successful, and well-rounded women relationships in an average time period of approximately 2 months.  That’s right, two months!

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