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Executive Matchmakers: A High-Risk Gamble to Avoid

In this article, world renown online dating expert Joshua Pompey discusses why executive matchmakers are a massive risk that you will want to avoid.

Executive matchmakers are a high risk gamble to avoid

You’re successful, wealthy, and extremely accomplished. After years of hard work you can proudly say that you’ve made your career goals come true. There’s only one thing missing in your life – love.

This is to no fault of your own. It’s not easy finding love when you’re in the middle of building a career. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to advance your career and focus on relationships.

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely because you’re considering hiring an executive matchmaker. And why shouldn’t you? You’ve earned it! Years of hard work have paid off, providing you with disposable income. So why not enlist the finest experts to help you find love, allowing you to concentrate on your career and passions?

Sounds like a great sales pitch right? However, the reality delivered by executive matchmakers is quite different from the picture they paint. Many of these matchmakers are essentially professional con artists, preying on the wealth and lifestyle of affluent professionals.

Some of the more egregious aspects of executive matchmakers include:

  • Showing clients fake databases
  • Creating the illusion of exclusivity
  • Using bait and switch sign-up tactics
  • Having clients sign NDAS if they fight for a refund
  • Dodging the emails and calls from clients
  • Charging thousands of dollars per date
  • Hiring “professionals ringers” to date clients in order to fill a quota
  • Only providing a handful of dates that are often deeply flawed
  • Populating review sites with fake reviews

How do I know this? Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with several hundred people who have been scammed by executive matchmakers. The stories they tell are almost always identical, filled with the offenses listed above.

The truth is, executive matchmakers don’t succeed because traditional matchmaking isn’t relevant in today’s age. Even if they have good intentions, they lack the ability or access to provide the types of dates they promise.

On a more common-sense level, ask yourself: Have you ever met or even heard of someone who found love through a professional matchmaker? The answer is almost certainly no.

If you really want to find love these days, online dating apps and sites are the best avenue…

While ten years ago, you might not have found the most accomplished singles on dating apps, these days they are brimming with successful people. This is because virtually every single person alive is on a dating app or site.

If you want to fish, you don’t cast your line on the middle of a concrete roof. You head to the ocean where the fish are! Similarly, when looking for love, you wouldn’t turn to the desolate or fake database of an executive matchmaker. You would choose a dating app!

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