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Warning:  If you are a successful executive, the biggest financial mistake you will ever make is investing your money in a traditional high-end matchmaker. Catering to the every need of successful executives, our revolutionary service brings traditional matchmaking to the online world of the 21st century, providing you with more dates, better dates, and higher quality dates on a consistent basis. 


Did you know that traditional high-end matchmaking services often charge between $25,000 and $50,000 for a membership?   Unfortunately, one of the untold secrets of these high-end “matchmaking” services, is that most are completely misleading, even those that charge the largest fees.


These services make tremendous promises to clients prior to signing them up, assuring a multitude of quality matches and dates, intimate one on one service, and a complete dedication to their success.


In actuality, this enormous investment often results in three lousy dates over the course of several months, with little one on one service, and dates that aren’t exactly the types of  “matches” that clients are promised prior to signing up.


In most cases, high end matchmaking services lack actual matches to set up clients with, and are filled with false promises, fake success stories, and publicity that is paid for through expensive publicists.  For every one rare success story, there are countless horror stories to be found in this highly ineffective industry.


In addition, while you are spending tens of thousands of dollars, often times you will be set up with dates that don’t have paying memberships, leading to dates with people that are either gold diggers, or have no emotional or financial commitment to the process.   As a successful executive, you have earned and deserve better.


Enter our revolutionary company, Next Evolution Matchmaking.

Located on 5th Avenue in NYC and catering to successful professionals all over the world, NEM is a revolutionary company that is taking traditional, outdated, and ineffective methods of matchmaking, and bringing matchmaking to the online world of the 21st century.  This game changing service provides exponentially more dates, better dates, higher quality dates, and intimate one on one service, 5 days a week, every week.


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