Gentlemen’s Lounge

Reserve your dream life now …

Gentlemen’s Lounge

Reserve your dream life now …

Imagine a world where you could date all the the most beautiful woman online, without ever having to lift a finger…

Are you ready to meet the woman of your dreams?


As a busy, successful, and well-rounded professional, finding the right person shouldn’t get in the way of you living your life to the absolute fullest.  Enjoy your life while our experts take care of all the hard work for you.


Our NEM professionals will log into your online dating account five days a week, and find you more dates, better dates, and higher quality matches than you’ve ever dreamed of.


When you become a client of ours, your only difficulty will be finding the time to date all the beautiful women that we line up for you!

Client Satisfaction Rate0%
Clients who sign up for more than one month0%
Average increase in women initiating conversations is over…0%
Average increase in dates received after NEM is typically well above…0%

* Percentages based upon results of 2014 – 2023

“The Amazing Benefits of Working With An NEM Professional

  • Nearly a decade of experience from the world’s top experts.
  • A focus on dating the highest quality women available.
  • Countless hours saved in front of the computer screen.
  • Never having to deal with the tedious aspects of online dating again.
  • A personal NEM Assistant – 5 Days a week.
  • More dates, better dates, & higher quality dates.
  • Full text-messaging access to your personal assistant.
  • Never settling for anything less than the best life again.
  • Life-changing knowledge to last a lifetime.

What You Will Receive as a NEM Client

  • Profile and Photo Gallery Creation

    Profile and Photo Gallery Creation

    Each VIP package comes with a custom made profile from your designated NEM specialist. Our professionals have been crafting profiles for over half a decade, so we can assure you nothing but the best when it comes to profiles that are fully optimized towards meeting your goals.

  • Messaging Creation and Management

    Messaging Creation and Management

    Our NEM professionals are masterful at writing messages that create high levels of interest while, sparking instant feelings of attraction. In addition, your NEM specialist will filter through emails that come your way first, only responding to those who meet your personalized requirements.

  • Selective Matching with Highly Targeted Searching

    Selective Matching with Highly Targeted Searching

    After your phone consultations and required information is obtained, your NEM specialist will use searching techniques that ensure we specifically target the exact types of matches you are looking for in a partner.

  • Four Phone Consultations Per Month & Unlimited Texting

    Four Phone Consultations Per Month & Unlimited Texting

    You will be permitted up to four phone consultations per month (if desired) and will have unlimited texting access to ensure that you are always taken care of at a VIP level to the highest possible degree.

  • Unlimited Coaching Via Email

    Unlimited Coaching Via Email

    All packages come with unlimited coaching via email. Any time you have a question or want advice from your NEM professional, you are just one email away from all the coaching you need.

  • Personality Mapping

    Personality Mapping

    Prior to beginning your VIP membership, you will receive a questionnaire that helps us to accurately portray your personality and represent you. As the membership continues, this file will continue to grow so that we can always represent you in the best possible light without any assistance needed.

  • Daily Progress Reports

    Daily Progress Reports

    Every day you will receive a report detailing exactly what your NEM specialist has worked on that day, along with any critical information you may need, coaching, and suggestions.

  • Daily Adjustments to Maximize Progress

    Daily Adjustments to Maximize Progress

    Our goal at NEM is to make sure you are fully optimized on every level to find the success you are looking for. Daily adjustments to your emails, photo gallery, and profile writing will be made when necessary to ensure your goals are met.

  • Dating Arrangements and Concierge Services

    Dating Arrangements and Concierge Services

    For an additional fee, your NEM specialist can arrange dating locations, reservations, and any other needs you may have.

The Pause Feature

All NEM memberships come with the ability to pause your membership at any time so that you can fully maximize the value you receive from this service.


What this means is that if you decide you want to take a break from this service for any reason, whether you are too busy to date, met someone you like and want to see where it goes, have a vacation planned, or simply want a break from online dating, you can put your membership on pause and not be charged until you decide to resume the service again.


Breaks can be taken for a day, a month, or even years if that’s your preference. There is no expiration date on your membership until the amount of days you signed up for are fully used. Many of our 6 month memberships last a year or more due to this great feature!

What types of Clients Do We Take On?

Whether you have tried online dating in the past and never found the type of success you were looking for, or would like to try meeting women online for the first time, we cater to well-rounded and successful professionals who are looking to find happiness in the dating world. Whether are you looking for a busier dating life, a serious relationship, or simply want to know what its like to date the most beautiful women out there, this is the service for you.

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Are you ready to apply for your VIP membership? Sign up now for your free interview to see if you qualify for this exclusive club. It’s time to stop living for tomorrow and start living the life you were meant to live today.

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Please note, spots are extremely limited and we cannot guarantee a spot for all those who inquire.  We seek out professionals who are smart, well-rounded, intelligent, and easy to work with.   If availability is full you will have the option to be put on a waiting list until a spot opens up. For terms of service, and other common questions, click here.