7 Shocking Facts I Learned About High-End Matchmakers

In this article Joshua Pompey, founder of Next Evolution Matchmaking, explores the negative aspects of high-end matchmakers.

high-end matchmakers

Some of you might be familiar with the woman depicted above. Most famous for her reality show, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger is known for setting up extremely wealthy clients as a high-end matchmaker.

If you happen to lean towards the wealthy end of the spectrum, the notion of hiring a high-end matchmaker probably sounds like a promising idea. Unfortunately, like most things we see on “reality TV,” these shows are often a far cry from reality. Most high-end matchmakers fail to deliver on a multitude of levels. Today I will be discussing seven shocking facts I learned about high-end matchmaking agencies over the years.

1. Memberships often start at $30,000

Did you know that most high-end matchmakers charge over $30,000 a membership (many charge over six figures) and only provide a handful of dates? This amounts to several thousand dollars per date (and with some agencies, over ten thousand dollars per date!)! That is an incredible sum of money to meet someone whom you might have absolutely no chemistry with.

2. High-end matchmakers don’t equate to high-quality dates

When it comes to high-end matchmaking, you don’t always get what you pay for. Spending more doesn’t guarantee better dates. Oftentimes it’s quite the opposite. Many of the worst horror stories I’ve heard came from people who paid over six figures to a matchmaking agency.

Charging outrageous fees is nothing more than a play on human psychology to create the illusion that their service is exclusive, one of a kind, and superior to other agencies. The reality is, most high-end matchmakers don’t have the matches they promise. Once you look behind the curtain of their fancy offices and websites, they are just like every other agency, making a whole lot of promises that can’t be delivered.

3. They aren’t actually exclusive

One of my former clients shared a story about how she was relentlessly pursued by a famous TV matchmaker. They called her several times a month for almost a year and even offered to fly her into their offices for a meeting. The reason? She was absolutely loaded! Landing one client like her can pay several months or even a year of someone’s salary.

Agencies will always pretend they are exclusive when they interview clients, but these are bold faced lies. You could be the worst human being on the planet and the only exclusive factor they will be concerned with is how much money you make. If a high-end matchmaker sees you as a large pay day, you will be welcomed with open arms, along with your credit card.

4. Different clients often pay different amounts for the same membership

Imagine paying $80,000 for 5 dates (absurd it it’s own right) while someone else is paying $15,000 for the same membership? This happens all the time with high-end matchmakers. The main goal of the matchmaker is to see how much they can squeeze out of a potential client. When they are asking you questions about your career and lifestyle, what they are really fishing for is how much they can get you to fork over. It’s a dirty little secret in the matchmaking industry (and why my agency has the same rates for all our clients!).

5. Many high-end agencies don’t allow you to see your dates prior to meeting

As crazy as this sounds, many matchmakers won’t allow you to see, text, or talk to your dates prior to meeting. They will declare the reason for this rule is that you need to connect in person to see if their is chemistry before dismissing them as a potential partner.

The real reason? They don’t want you to speak or see each other prior to a date because they rarely deliver high quality matches. But once they get you on a date, they could knock one date off their contractual obligation. I’ve spoken with dozens of men and women who were forced to abide by this rule, only to find themselves meeting up with someone who they had nothing in common with and almost no attraction towards. At an average cost of several thousand dollars per date (or much more), this is unacceptable.

6. High-end matchmakers often shift the blame

Matchmakers are notorious for providing low-quality dates and then getting aggressive towards their clients (In many cases, yelling at them) when they complain about the quality of their matches. “You’re too picky.” “You need to try different things.” “You need to trust me.”

Those excuses might fly if the matches were even remotely what their clients were promised upon signing up for a membership. But when “high-end” matchmakers are setting up a devout Christian woman with a Jewish man, or a marathon runner with a woman who is physically limited from a knee injury, those excuses just don’t work. Shockingly, I’ve heard stories like this time and time again.

7. Accessibility is shockingly low

One would think that the fees high-end matchmakers charge would entitle their clients to the best customer service possible. In actuality, unfortunately, this is far from the case.

Matchmakers are notorious for providing bad dates and then dodging their clients as much as possible to avoid confrontation. On the rare occasions that they do respond, they spit out the same cliches over and over, most notably, “we’re working on it” or “we have a couple of promising matches on the horizon,” which are often bold face lies. Sadly, the best service most clients get is prior to signing up for a membership when the agency is still trying to make a sale. After that, it’s typically all downhill.

How do we differ from high-end Matchmakers?

The truth is, conventional matchmakers just don’t work in this day and age. This is why I created Next Evolution Matchmaking, a response to predatory matchmaking agencies that just aren’t relevant in the modern world.

Combining traditional matchmaking methods with the modern world of online dating, we provide a high-end service that produces quality matches for a fraction of the price that high-end matchmakers charge. Since launching almost a decade ago, our average client has found a relationship approximately two months into their membership! To learn more about how our game-changing process works, click here or the button below!

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