How To Ask a Woman Out On a Dating App

How to Ask a Woman Out On A Dating App: A Key Mistake to Avoid

By Joshua Pompey

Not sure how to ask a woman out on a dating app? In this article Joshua Pompey will be discussing a key mistake that you should avoid.

How to ask a woman out on a dating app: a key mistake to avoid

Congratulations. You’ve managed to match up with a beautiful woman, have generated a lot of interest, and she seems to be interested in a date.

There’s only one thing left to do, ask her out! But before you proceed towards asking her out, be sure to avoid the following mistake.

Many men make the mistake of asking a woman out in the following manner:

“Are you free to meet up on Thursday?”

Seems innocent enough right?

But what if she isn’t free on Thursday. Now you are put in the awkward position of requesting a second night.

“No worries! How about Friday?”

“No, I’m sorry… I have plans with a few of my girlfriends to celebrate a birthday.”

Now we have a major issue. We are quickly in danger of appearing as if we have no social life, which lowers our perceived value a great deal.

We’ve already revealed that we have no plans twice this week. Now we are in the position of requesting a different day, revealing that we had no plans THREE nights this week.

This is a bad look. It makes us look desperate, beta, and starts to raise questions about whether or not we have any life at all.

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How To Successfully Women Out Dating Apps The Correct Way

The correct way to ask a woman out on a dating app is to let her reveal when she is free first. “So what’s your schedule looking like this week? We should meet up sometime, it’ll be fun.”

Now you are in a much better position. She will provide you a list of days that she is free, allowing you to successfully circumvent any chance of looking desperate or appearing as if you don’t have much going on in your personal life.

You can even take this step further. If she says, I’m free Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, you can say, “I’m busy Wednesday and Sunday,” but Thursday looks great, thus enhancing the image that you are a man with a lot going on in your life. Women are much more attracted to men who lead full, productive lives.

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