How to Attract Men Online

5 Reasons You Aren’t Attracting the

Right Type of Men Online

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

One of the biggest misconceptions about online dating is that there are not enough quality men.  The truth is, they are out there. And they are out there in fairly large numbers.


How do I know this?  Not only have I been at the forefront of online dating for close to a decade, but my main role as an NEM matchmaker is to find, attract, and maintain the interest of the highest quality men on the Internet for my clients.


The truth is, attracting any man online is pretty easy.   Attracting the right kind of man online?  That requires a unique set of knowledge, hard work, and a strong dedication to the process of online dating   In this article I am going to discuss 5 reasons you may not be attracting high quality men online, and what you can do to change this.

1.  You Need to be the Initiator

Are you just sitting around and waiting for quality guys to message you?   There’s only one problem with this plan.  Most of the quality guys you are waiting for, aren’t even looking.


Allow me to explain.  Online dating is like bizarro world.  A quality man online is the equivalent of the hot girl at the bar.  Because quality men are harder to find, they get bombarded with attention the same way a beautiful woman constantly gets hit on at a bar.  Since these men are receiving so many options without putting in any work, most of them never even bother performing searches or initiating conversations.  Why would they?  They are already getting what they want without putting in the extra work.  This is why most women get so many horrific messages.  These are mostly messages from the lower quality guys and leftovers who aren’t receiving any attention.


For this reason, if you want to attract men online who are worth attaining, you absolutely must perform searches on your own (or hire an NEM professional to do so), and actively initiate conversations. Not winks or likes.  Actual messages.  Yes, you can try waiting for a great guy to find you. But odds are, the ones you truly want aren’t even looking.


2.  Your Photo Gallery Needs Work

There is a saying that I always tell my clients when we discuss their photo gallery.  “You are only as good as your worst picture.”  It doesn’t matter how amazing your personality is.  Guys are extremely visual by nature.  If you don’t tell the right story through your photo gallery, you aren’t going to attract the highest quality men online.


Notice how I used the words, “tell the right story.”  You don’t have to be beautiful or built like a model to attract quality men online.  There are plenty of men out there with different tastes.   But you do need to present yourself in the best possible light, and highlight your best features in ways that don’t sacrifice class in the process.


In addition, the best visual stories will not only present you in a flattering light, but will also highlight various aspects of your personality.  For example, if you like to travel, play tennis, and hike, try to find flattering pictures that demonstrate these passions.  Telling an amazing visual story in combination with an amazing written story in the writing component of your profile, will make a killer combination for attracting men online.

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3.  You Have Failed to Reveal the Real You

In the online world, everybody is “awesome” on paper.  I challenge you to find a profile that doesn’t claim to have a multitude of great personality traits and interests.  But let’s be real, if everyone online were that awesome, online dating sites would be averaging ten thousand weddings a day.  For this reason, you absolutely must write an online dating profile that isn’t just filled with a bunch of cliches and claims.


Don’t say what you are like, show what you are like.  If you are witty, don’t say it.  Be it.  If you are fun, don’t say it, write a fun profile or allude to a fun story from your life.  The more you reveal your true personality and interests with language that is unique, playful, and makes your personality pop off the page, the more you will stand out from the competition and attract the type of men online that you are looking for.

4. You Aren’t Making an Effort to Be Interesting

Pretend you are on the show The Bachelor.  There is one amazing, dreamy guy, and five other women who are just as beautiful as you are competing for his attention.  Would you ask boring small talk questions, show very little body language, and give extremely brief responses that don’t attempt to continue the flow of the conversation?  Of course not.


Online dating should be no different.  You may not be able to visually see your competition, but it is there.  And it is there every single day.  When you write your emails, you need to be fun, playful, interesting, and make an effort the same way you would if you were competing for a great guy out in the “real world.”  You may be a great woman, but if you don’t make an effort to show you are great and bore your audience, there are plenty of other women he will choose from.

5.  You Are Giving Off Red Flags that You Are Not Aware Off

The worst thing you could ever do online if you want to attract a quality man is give off red flags.  Unfortunately, if you are giving off red flags, you probably have no idea, otherwise you wouldn’t do so!  Even worse, every day of my life I see countless profiles and read countless emails that are filled with unintentional red flags.


If you want to avoid this, you will need to provide yourself with a full education on attraction, how it works, and more specifically, how to attract men online.  I can’t provide the answer in one short article, but I highly recommend reading as many articles you can find by me, that deal with the art of language use, crafting photo galleries, writing emails, how to attract men online, etc.  The more knowledge you have, the better equipped you will be to avoid critical mistakes.

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