Matchmakers For Men Over 50 – Are They Worth It?

In this article, NEM founder Joshua Pompey shares his wisdom on why you should avoid matchmakers for men over 50.

matchmakers for men over 50

Investing in a matchmaker is a big decision.  With thousands of dollars on the line, the last thing you want to do is invest your hard earned money into an agency that can’t deliver results.

Unfortunately, this tends to be the norm with matchmaking agencies.  Most clients walk away from matchmaking services feeling ripped off and taken advantage of.   Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons you should steer clear of matchmakers for men over 50.

The Cost Per Date Is Ludicrous

Matchmaking agencies charge thousands of dollars for a membership (prices generally range from $5,000 to over $100,000) and only provide a handful of dates (often 3-6 per membership).

This translates to spending thousands of dollars per date! Finding face to face chemistry is often a numbers game that requires a whole lot of dates. Paying thousands of dollars per date is an extremely high risk gamble that rarely results in success.

Matchmakers are known for providing low quality dates

Some of you might be willing to pay thousands of dollars per date if you knew your matches were going to be great. The problem is, matchmakers often use bait and switch tactics to sign clients up.  Just imagine spending thousands of dollars on a matchmaker, only to be set up with women that you aren’t even remotely attracted to or compatible with. 

Matchmaking agencies are notorious for this.  Look no further than It’s Just Lunch (one of the more well-known matchmaking companies) for proof of this behavior. In 2017 they settled a class action lawsuit on behalf of over 170,000 members who were lured in with false promises.   

Your dates will often have no financial investment in the process

While you are spending thousands of dollars to meet women, these women are typically meeting you for free.  Matchmakers often recruit women for free because they don’t have enough paying members to set their male clients up with.

This creates zero financial incentive for your dates to take the process seriously.  For many of these women, meeting you is nothing more than an experience that they could tell their friends about.

Matchmaking creates an extremely awkward dating dynamic

As mentioned before, most of your dates will not be paying members. Sitting across from someone who knows you spent thousands of dollars to meet her will make you look needy and desperate, regardless of whether or not that is true.

Matchmakers for men over 50 have been known to provide fake dates

Imagine investing thousand of dollars in hiring a matchmaker, only to be set up with someone who was secretly paid by the company to go out with you?  Unfortunately, this happens much more than it should when matchmakers need to meet a quota. It is morally reprehensible, but it does happen.

Who really uses a matchmaker these days?

At the end of the day, does anyone really use a matchmaker these days?  Have you ever actually met someone who met through a matchmaker? This is why matchmakers for men over 50 have so much difficulty providing the dates they initially promise. Traditional matchmakers are a relic of the past and have little place in today’s world of modern technology.

So where is the best place to find a relationship?

online dating personal assistants

The truth is, most high quality women these days are on dating APPS or online dating sites. Here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, we go straight to the source.

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