Matchmakers for Senior Women: A Trap That You Need To Avoid

Matchmakers for Senior Women: A Trap That You Need To Avoid

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

In this article we will explore why you need to steer clear of matchmakers for senior women and will provide you with a great alternative as well.


Being a senior and single isn’t always easy.  Whether you are divorced, just got out of a long term relationship, or have had the unfortunate experience of having a loved one pass on, finding a new companion to share your life with can be a major challenge.


This may have led you to seek out a matchmaker for seniors.  Why not right?  If you aren’t meeting a whole lot of new people in your daily routine every week, this would theoretically guarantee at least a few great dates.


But here’s the thing.  Matchmakers that promote themselves to senior women just don’t work.  For that matter, matchmakers in general don’t work.


The Most Common Reason Matchmakers For Senior Women Don’t Work  


The biggest reason is money.  The men who are supposed to be your matches are often spending $10,000 dollars or more on an agency.


Believe it or not, most matchmakers will secretly charge men double or even triple the price of female members.  They gage how much they can get out of a client and set their price.


The problem with the enormous membership fees is that it creates completely unrealistic expectations.  Men who would normally be matches for you because they have similar interests and are a similar age range suddenly think that their massive investment entitles them to vastly younger women who look like models.


With thousands of dollars on the line, expectations are completely heightened and distorted.  So while you are waiting for your matchmaker to set you up with a great guy, the men who should be your matches have no interest in accepting dates with you.  They have their eyes on completely unrealistic women.


But It Gets Even Worse


The truth of the matter is, very few people sign up for matchmakers in this day and age.  This is even more true for matchmakers that cater to senior men and women.  It is somewhat of a dead industry that is kept afloat by tricking several people a month to join their program.  All they need is 5-10 people a month to be highly profitable.


Just ask yourself, have you ever known anyone who has ever used one?


Most importantly, have you ever known someone who was a success story from an agency?


The amount of men these agencies usually have at their disposal to set you up with are limited at best.  Of course, they will keep this fact hidden from you when you sign up.


But once you invest your money with a senior matchmaker and patiently wait week after week for a great date, the excuses as to why it’s taking so much time to find you a a match will quickly pour in.  The truth is, they just don’t have matches.


Most women who use matchmakers quickly find out that they are only going to receive one date every month or two if they are lucky, and those dates rarely live up to expectations.


Surely you will get a refund right?  Sorry, all contracts are final!  Once they have your money, it’s all about keeping you off their back until you eventually just give up complaining.


So where can senior women successfully find love without using a matchmaker?


If this article got you feeling down, don’t be.   After finding relationships for so many incredible people who were scammed by agencies prior to meeting me, my goal is to save innocent people from wasting money on traditional matchmakers


The truth is, online dating these days is your absolute best shot at meeting a quality partner.  Sure, there are a decent number of people on these sites that will make you question humanity!   But there are also a whole lot of great men on these sites if you know how to seek them out and use the medium properly.


This is why I set up my revolutionary service here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, which combines traditional matchmaking with the modern world of online dating in a manner that has not only been effective, but in 5 years of helping men and women, my average client has found a relationship within 2 months.


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