Matchmakers for Seniors: Can They Be Trusted?

By Joshua Pompey

matchmaking for seniors

Finding a genuine connection isn’t always easy. Especially as a senior! Just think about it… the last time some of you dated, the internet didn’t even exist yet!

With all the challenges that lie ahead, it makes perfect sense that the idea of a matchmaker for seniors would interest you. Having a professional by your side would help to ease the transition into dating and take much of the stress away.

There’s only one problem. Most matchmakers don’t actually deliver on their promises. Especially matchmakers for seniors. In this article I will be discussing some of the most common complaints that you should be aware of before investing your money in a matchmaking agency.

1. Matchmakers for seniors don’t provide quality matches

Matchmakers like to talk up a big game prior to signing clients up. They will assure you that they have plenty of matches that meet your expectations. They will show you pictures of men and women in their database. They may even pretend they are extremely exclusive with who they sign up. But the reality is, they usually don’t have the matches they promise. This is nothing more than a bait and switch process.

Just think about it… when was the last time you met someone who actually met through a traditional matchmaker? How about a friend of a friend? The answer is probably never. People typically just don’t meet this way in the modern world.

As crazy as this sounds, I once worked with a senior who had a bad experience with a matchmaker prior to hiring me. She was extremely active and told her matchmaker that she preferred someone athletic. The result? After spending over $10,000, she was set up with a man in a wheel chair! Unfortunately these types of stories are all too common in the industry.

2. The amount of dates provides little chance for success

In a perfect world I would create a list of likes and dislikes, provide it to my matchmaker, and he or she would find someone that I instantly hit it off with. The reality is, finding love doesn’t work like that.

Finding a meaningful connection is a process that usually takes time and a whole lot of dates. The problem is, most matchmaking sites charge thousands of dollars and only provide 3–6 dates. This means you are paying thousands of dollars per date for dates that might not even be real matches! This is not financially responsible, nor is it conducive to success.

3. There is little incentive to work hard

One of the fundamental reasons that capitalism works is because most people need financial incentive to work hard. Without that incentive, the effort often falls by the wayside.

The only incentive traditional matchmakers have is to make a sale. Since all payments are made upfront with a binding contract, they have no incentive to work hard after they sell you a membership.

Many matchmakers will sign up clients, then ignore their needs, dodge their calls, and focus more on filling a date quota than actually providing quality matches.

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