Matchmakers for Wealthy Men

Matchmakers for Wealthy Men Exposed. What You Need to Know!

It’s not often that people defend the wealthy these days. But what can I say? I’m a man of the people! Most wealthy men I work with are kind, intelligent, successful, and sure as hell don’t deserve to get ripped off by predatory matchmakers for wealthy men. In this article I’m going to expose some of the biggest secrets I’ve uncovered about matchmakers over the past ten years.

1. They lie about membership fees

When high-end matchmakers receive an application from a wealthy man, all they see is dollar signs. Throughout your entire interview, they will be looking for clues as to how much money you make, and gaging how much they could squeeze out of you. A matchmaker may tell you that all memberships cost x amount of dollars, but those fees usually change depending on whom they are speaking with. Make no mistake about it, their number one objective is to assess your wealth and take full advantage of your financial flexibility.

2. You will pay thousands of dollars per date

You may have a lot of excess wealth, but what would your 21 year old self say to you if he found out you were paying $10,000 or more to go on a date? He’d probably wonder where in life he went wrong!

With matchmaking agencies for wealthy men often charging anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000 (sometimes more!), the cost per date will often come to a minimum of a thousand dollars per date. Sure, you could afford it. But is that really an investment you want to make?

3. More money doesn’t equate to better dates

Maybe you’re comfortable spending thousands of dollars per date because you truly are super successful, and that’s great. This type of money might be pocket change for you. But what if I were to tell you that thousands of dollars might land you lower quality dates than you could find on dating APPS for free?

The problem with traditional matchmakers is that spending more money doesn’t result in better dates. I’ve worked with various men who spent over $100,000 on a matchmaker prior to working with me, and they had even worse stories than men I’ve spoken with who spent $5,000. You may get a better house or higher quality car when you invest more money, but those rules don’t apply to matchmaking agencies.

4. Matchmakers for wealthy men lie about exclusivity

The idea of an exclusive service with a limited amount of members sounds extremely appealing. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a select club of wealthy men, handpicked to date beautiful women?

The reality is, there is nothing exclusive about these services other than making sure you have a lot of money to give them. These agencies will sign up any man they can. With the fees matchmakers for wealthy men charge, all they have to do is sign up a couple men a month and they are rolling in cash. If they tell you that they have strict requirements outside of wealth, they are straight up lying.

5. You’re dates won’t have the best intentions

Are you looking for love or are you looking for someone interested in your money? Because the women you are set up with will know that you are a member of a high-end matchmaking agency. This instantly puts you in the extremely vulnerable position of meeting women who are only interested in finding a wealthy man to date or settle down with. If you’re okay with that, that’s great. But if you are looking to meet a woman who is down to earth and genuine, you may find yourself extremely disappointed.

So where can you meet high quality women without all the effort?

This is why I created Next Evolution Matchmaking. We combine traditional matchmaking with the modern world of online dating, for a process that actually works. Through our unique services, our clients have found relationships in an average of time span of two months. That’s right, two months!

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