Matchmakers for Wealthy Women: A Recipe for Disaster

By Joshua Pompey

matchmakers for wealthy women

The truth behind matchmakers for wealthy women

If you are a well-rounded and successful woman looking for a relationship, the idea of hiring a matchmaker for wealthy women must seem like an ideal situation. You’ve had a whole lot of success in your life and deserve to sit back and relax for a change. Why not let a matchmaking agency assist you in the process of finding high quality dates? There’s only one small problem. Conventional matchmakers are highly ineffective for a wide range of reasons; especially matchmakers for wealthy women.

One of the biggest reasons high-end matchmakers don’t work pertains to the financial investment involved. If you are a successful woman, you are probably looking to meet a man who is successful and can keep up with your lifestyle without requiring you to foot the bill. But here’s the problem… these matchmakers for the wealthy typically charge men and women a minimum of $10,000 a membership. Believe it or not, some charge as much as several hundred thousand dollars!

When male clients invest such large sums of money into a membership, their expectations become extraordinarily unrealistic. They suddenly expect their matchmakers to deliver dates that are 20 years younger with the looks of a swimsuit model. As a result, while you are investing in a matchmaking agency with the hopes of finding a realistic and age appropriate match, your counterparts are looking for matches that are anything but realistic.

To add insult to injury, when matchmaking agencies can’t provide the dates they promise, they are notorious for setting up clients with anyone they can find in order to meet a contractually obligated date quota, regardless of whether these dates meet your expectations. This allows them to “honor the contract” with very little recourse on your end to fight against the bait and switch tactics employed.

If you think paying more money for a “higher quality agency” or a matchmaker for millionaires will yield better results, guess again. Sadly, some of the worst stories I’ve ever heard are from men and women who paid more than 100,000 dollars for a matchmaker, only to receive 3 dates that they had very little in common with and almost zero attraction towards.

The truth of the matter is, matchmakers for wealthy women and matchmaking agencies in general don’t have much relevance in today’s world. In fact, most people would be hard-pressed to name one person they know who ever met through a matchmaker.

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