Matchmakers In NYC: Are They Worth The Investment?

Matchmakers In NYC: Are They Worth The Investment?

Looking for a matchmaker in NYC? You may want to read this article before making a financial commitment.

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey



In theory meeting someone in NYC should be easy. Stand on the corner of any block in New York for a half hour and you will likely have dozens, if not hundreds of single men and woman walk by you.
Walk into any bar, museum, restaurant, or social situation and you will likely find yourself surrounded by large numbers of single New Yorkers as well.
So why exactly is it so hard to meet people in New York?

Much of this has to do with our busy lifestyles. By the time most New Yorkers finish their work and social obligations, there is very little time to meet people. The more successful you are, the less time you probably have.

In addition, most of us tend to find ourselves repeating the same daily routine over and over. Unless you are someone who feels comfortable striking up conversations with complete strangers (Which doesn’t always work out well in NYC!), you probably aren’t interacting with many new people each day.

Online dating can be a great alternative, but this often feels like a full time job for most people or just doesn’t yield the type of results you are looking for. Enter traditional matchmaking matchmaking.

The Theoretical Benefits of Hiring a NYC Matchmaker

I’m sure most of you can relate to the issues I just described above, so the question becomes, would a matchmaker be the solution to these problems?

Matchmakers advertise themselves as creating the following solutions for their clients:

  • Finding dates for you while you focus on your career, interests, and social obligations
  • Delivering you ideal matches with relationship potential
  • Creating the promise of future happiness and a happily ever after
  • Having a top professional in your corner at all times
  • The prestige of being a high end client with high end service

The Question Is, Are Matchmakers In NYC Actually Worth the Investment?

If you have the financial means, the benefits described above might seem like a no brainer. But once you dig a little deeper, things aren’t quite as great as they seem.

The reality of many matchmaking agencies in NYC is far different from the perception. Let’s dig a little deeper and break down the reality of the situation.

  • The price for NYC matchmakers is extraordinarily high

Matchmakers may take the task of finding dates out of your hands, but are you willing to pay 10, 20, 30, 40, or in some cases 50 thousand dollars for a membership? These are the going rates for these agencies.

  • The price per date is even more outrageous once you break it down

A little known fact about NYC agencies is that they usually provide just a few dates (3-5) over the course of 6 months or more. That comes to several thousands dollars per date, and in some cases, over 10,000 dollars per date.

  • Most NYC matchmaking agencies don’t actually have the dates they are promising you

Matchmaking agencies will show you pictures of dozens of “clients” that they can set you up with. And they will always tell you that they have the perfect person in mind.

The reality is, this is usually a bait and switch. Their number one priority is getting you to make the investment as quickly as possible whether they have matches or not.

  • Higher fees doesn’t translate to higher quality dates

Whether you pay $10,000 for a membership or $50,000 dollars for a membership, that doesn’t change the fact that if an agency doesn’t have enough clientele, than they can’t provide you with the type of matches you are seeking.

Many people over the years have confided to me that they believe their agencies set them up with “hired guns” instead of actual dates. Although I have no hard evidence, I’ve heard whispers about this for years from inside sources as well as clients from their agencies.

  • Your matchmaker isn’t going to give you the one on one service you expect

According to most former matchmaking clients that I have spoken with, once they signed up, the contact dissipated tremendously. The natural instinct of the agency once they have your money is to fade off in the background, ignore your phone calls as much as possible, and to keep promising that a new match is on the horizon.

The idea is to keep you off their back until you run out of energy and just give up complaining.

  • There is nothing luxurious or high end about it

Shows like millionaire matchmaker seem great. You may even wind up in a fancy office. But it’s mostly a come on. After your initial meeting, you’re back to your daily life with little to no interaction with your matchmaker aside from an occasional phone call or rare meeting.

  • Traditional Matchmaking agencies are a thing of the past 

You can’t fight progress. When it really comes down to it, matchmaking agencies don’t mesh with today’s world. Today’s world is technology driven and that’s the dominant way people meet.

Odds are you’ve never known someone who met through a matchmaker and never will. But odds are you’ve probably met a whole lot of couples who met online!

  • The promise of future happiness turns to regret and anger

It’s bad enough feeling frustrated about being single. But it’s an even worse to feel frustrated about being single and also feel ripped off and taken. Don’t let a matchmaker sell you a false bill of goods about future happiness that they can’t deliver on for all the reasons listed above.

So what is the ideal solution if Matchmakers in NYC don’t work?


Couple hugging outdoors

Although matchmaking agencies in NYC don’t exactly work, the good news is that you can still completely automate your dating life and have the highest quality singles lined up for you.

This is why I invented Next Evolution Matchmaking, a company that combines online dating with traditional matchmaking to provide successful professionals with the one on one high end service they deserve, and more importantly, the quality relationships they seek.

There is a method to our success and strong fundamentals behind why they work. To learn more about what we do and why we are so successful, click here now.


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