Matchmakers in Ontario

Matchmakers in Ontario: 7 Reasons to Reconsider Hiring One

Matchmakers in Ontario

Matchmakers in Ontario may seem like a unique and exclusive way to meet someone special, but before you head down that non-refundable path, you might want to consider the following 7 reasons reasons to avoid avoid hiring a matchmaker in Ontario.

1. The Fees for Matchmakers In Ontario Are Absurdly Expensive

Hiring a matchmaker in Ontario often comes with a hefty price tag. With services ranging from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars (I kid you not!), the price points are both illogical, and unaccessible for the average person.

2. Higher Fees Won’t Equate to Better Matches

Think investing more will yield better results? This is a common mistake many prospective clients make. Most matchmakers don’t actually have the matches they promise, so the amount of money you invest is irrelevant. If they don’t have the matches, they simply don’t have the matches. The only thing higher fees will lead to is a bigger deficit in your bank account.

3. A Matchmakers Best Talent Isn’t Matchmaking

A matchmakers best talent isn’t matchmaking, it’s selling. These agencies are filled with sales sharks who are preying on the loneliness of others. They will tell you anything you want to hear to extract as much money as they can from you, but the reality is, the entire sign up process is one massive bait and switch scheme (in the vast majority of cases). Matchmaking is not prominent enough in today’s world for these agencies to deliver on their promises. The vast majority of single people in the modern era are on dating apps.

4. Matchmakers In Ontario Will Offer You No Guarantees of Success

Despite the extremely high price tag, a matchmaker will provide you with no insurance. There are no guarantees that you will have quality dates or any semblance of success. In fact, the exact opposite typically happens. Oftentimes several poor matches are deliberately arranged so that they could claim they performed their end of the agreement (a specific amount of dates), and then they will wash their hands clean of you.

5. Lack of transparency

Matchmaking agencies are often shrouded in secrecy, with very little window as to what is occurring behind the scenes. Press a matchmaker in Ontario as to what they are doing to find you dates, and they will often assure you that they are “working on it.” Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. Their main priority is to find their next client.

6. Rushed Sales tactics

Most agencies will say or do whatever it takes to sign you up the same day you inquire about their services. When a company is pressing as hard as they can to get your payment by promising exclusive benefits for signing up that day, it is almost always a major red flag.

7. Everyone is on a dating app these days

Stand on the corner of the busiest street in Ontario and try to find someone who has met through a professional matchmaker, and you might be looking for weeks. Try to find someone who has met on a dating platform and you might find hundreds of people a day.

The simple truth is, just about everyone who is single these days is meeting online. Attempting to find a partner through a matchmaker in Ontario is like attempting to catch a fish on a concrete sidewalk. If you want to catch a fish, you have to go where the fish swim!

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