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Matchmakers in San Diego – 6 Unfortunate Truths Revealed

In this article Joshua Pompey analyzes 6 harsh realities about hiring matchmakers in San Diego.

hiring matchmakers in San Diego

If you are researching matchmakers in San Diego, you should know what you are getting into first. While the concept may seem appealing, the truth is that the majority (if not all) of San Diego matchmakers are not worth your investment. Let’s examine six unfortunate truths I’ve learned from being in the relationship business since 2009.

1. The Price Per Date Is Absolutely Outlandish

If I were to tell you that I can find you a date for $10,000, would you look at me as if I had 3 heads? What if lowered the price to $5,000 per date, or even $2,000 per date? These are the levels prices often reach when hiring matchmakers in San Diego. When taking into account that dating is a numbers game, these prices are not only outrageous, but completely illogical.

2. The Dates Are Often Low Quality

Perhaps you are willing to pay these exuberant prices if you feel this will lead to a lifelong partner. Unfortunately, spending a lot of money does not translate to high quality dates.

Most matchmakers in San Diego will claim to have a tremendous database of high quality matches. They will show you photos of “their clients” and tell you everything you want to hear as they fish for information.

The reality? This is almost always a bait and switch scheme. The database matchmakers claim to have is usually a figment of their imagination (and whatever they believe will convince you to hand over your credit card). The reason they don’t have the high quality matches they promise is simple; very few people are willing to invest in a traditional matchmakers these days.

3. The Reviews Are Often Fake

Most reviews for matchmakers in San Diego are fake. Read their reviews with a discerning eye and this will often be fairly obvious. There are two reasons for a lack of genuine reviews. 1. Success stories are few and far between. 2. Most people who use matchmakers value confidentiality. Even if clients did find success, they probably aren’t going to share their story for the word to see on the internet.

If you want to learn the truth about matchmakers, try conducting a Google search for “matchmaker scams” and you will find a wide range of eye-opening stories.

4. They Will Dodge Your Calls & Emails

Research people who have shared matchmaking horror stories and a common theme is that the matchmakers will often dodge their calls and emails after the sign up process is complete.

Once they have your non-refundable payment, the friendly client service evaporates, as their focus shifts towards extracting money from their next victim. It’s a ruthless game of ringing up non-refundable payments, and then disregarding the human behind the wallet.

5. Some Matchmakers in San Diego Will Make You Sign An NDA

Getting a refund from a matchmaker is almost impossible. But some clients are able to pull off a partial refund or full refund when they push hard enough. The catch? These matchmakers will often force these clients to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This allows them to keep entrapping new clients without their reputations being destroyed.

6. Technology Has Made Matchmakers Irrelevant

No matter how much a matchmaking agency might try, they simply can’t fight technology. These days just about every single man and woman on earth who is actively seeking a relationship is on a dating app. Why would people pay thousands of dollars for a date when they could spend 30 dollars to find better matches on a dating app? The supply and demand for traditional matchmakers simply isn’t there in this tech driven age.

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