Matchmakers in San Jose

Matchmakers in San Jose: Unmasking the Illusion

In this article Joshua Pompey unmasks the illusion of hiring matchmakers in San Jose as he examines some of the dirty aspects of the industry.

matchmakers in san jose - unmasking the illusion

1. Matchmakers in San Jose are deceptive about their clientele

ferrari sports car

Imagine you walk into a high end Ferrari dealership looking for a top of the line sports car. The dealer shows you the car above, dazzles you with the features, and you proceed to sign a contract.

Now imagine that the second you walk out the door, instead of that Ferrari you just paid for waiting in the parking lot, a broken down bicycle is sitting out front.

“But I paid for a Ferrari!”

“Sorry, this is all we could find, no refunds!”

As hyperbolic as this might sound, this is the experience most people have when they hire matchmakers in San Jose. The entire process is one massive deception. Vast amounts of money are typically invested, followed by dates that don’t even come close to matching the initial sales pitch.

2. Matchmaking is a game of extraction

Since matchmaking agencies don’t require any manufacturing or supplies to maintain their business, they only need to sign up a handful of clients a month to yield tremendous profits. When they sign clients up, ensuring that they sign on the dotted line is only one aspect of the game. The real goal is to get a client to sign up and to extract as much money out of them as they possibly can.

They will fish for information that reveals your financial situation and then gage how much you are willing to spend based on the way the conversation evolves. If they throw out a number that is too high, they will almost always lower the amount a significant amount based on your reaction to the price. But make no mistake, most people in matchmaking agencies are paying significantly different prices for the exact same services and “benefits.”

3. Matchmakers are trained to say anything you want to hear

When it comes to signing up a client, matchmakers in San Jose will throw all ethics out the window. As an experiment, call up a local matchmaking agency and give them the most unrealistic expectations you can think of. I can say with absolute certainty that these agencies will tell you that they can provide exactly what you are looking for. The goal is to take your money at all costs, with no regard for the human being behind the credit card.

4. There is no obligation in the contract to deliver quality matches

While some agencies might have a contract that guarantees a certain amount of dates, you will never find anything in a contract that guarantees the quality of your dates. This leaves matchmakers with easy opportunities to engage in unethical behavior.

If you were promised 5 dates and a matchmaker wants to wash his or her hands of you as quickly as possible, he or she can set you up with ANY 5 dates and according to the contract, will have fulfilled his or her obligation. Imagine spending $10,000 dollars on a membership, only to find that you are paying $2,000 a date for horrible matches? Sadly, this is the norm in the matchmaking industry, not the exception. And more unfortunate, most matchmakers charge well over $10,000.

5. The Reviews Are Typically Fabricated

As a potential customer, it’s always important to do your own research. The problem with researching matchmakers in San Jose is that this will often lead you straight to fabricated reviews.

This is because there are almost no success stories. And even if there were success stories, people utilizing matchmakers tend to be highly discreet. Should anyone happen to have a favorable encounter, they are unlikely to openly divulge their experiences online. If you scrutinize reviews closely, it will be quite evident that they are nothing more than fabricated accounts of success.

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