The Truth Behind Millionaire Matchmakers For Men

The Truth Behind Millionaire Matchmakers For Men: 5 Reasons To Steer Clear

By Joshua Pompey


Men who have achieved great success professionally often don’t get enough credit. It sure isn’t easy to become a millionaire, nor is it easy to keep up with the long hours and busy lifestyle that often comes with the territory.
In spite of all your success, sometimes the one missing ingredient that is hard to lock down is that perfect woman to walk through life with.
Considering the long hours that most of you in the million dollar club usually work, this is more than understandable. There just isn’t enough time to balance work and pleasure.
Which raises the thought, why not hire one of those matchmakers for millionaires? A Personal Assistant for love sure would be a perfect solution.
There’s only one problem. Matchmakers for millionaires are almost always a losing proposition. And today I’m going to discuss some of the biggest reasons why.

1. Most of your dates will be straight up gold diggers

If you want a fling, go for it. But if you are looking for a more meaningful and long term relationship, matchmakers for millionaires are a really bad idea.

Most of the women (most likely all of the women) that you will be set up with are not actually millionaires themselves. How could you ever trust a woman that you know was actively seeking to marry a millionaire prior to meeting you? The answer is, you can’t.

2. You’ll never truly be in a position of power

The women you go on dates with with will know that you hired a matchmaker to find them love. More to the point, they will know that you paid tens of thousands of dollars to go on dates.

This creates a strong imbalance of power and just isn’t a good look any way you look at it. Women are instinctively attracted to men that they feel are in high demand and need to be chased on some level. You may be that guy, but hiring a millionaire matchmaker will accidentally send the opposite signals.

3. Millionaire matchmakers often employ ringers

It’s a dirty little secret that matchmakers don’t always have the matches that they claim to have. You are a millionaire looking to spend a lot of money. Of course they are going to tell you everything and anything you want to hear until you sign up.

But once they have your money, they are in the position of power. In some cases, when they can’t find the types of women that they promised you, they hire ringers to go on dates with you. It’s a dirty move, but it has been known to happen.

4. Your dating life won’t explode like you think

Think spending tens of thousands of dollars will give you endless women to choose from? Think again. Most matchmakers for millionaires will provide 3 dates total. Yep, 3. Talk about pressure right?

That comes to between 15 and 20 thousand dollars a date? You may have money to burn, but that’s just crazy!

5. Traditional matchmakers have a terrible track record

Ever meet someone who found love or marriage through a matchmaker? Neither have I. Let’s be real, just about nobody walking this earth has.

It just doesn’t happen these days. Times have changed and this medium is no longer relevant. Finding love requires adapting to the times. And in modern times, the place that is filled with endless beautiful women is online dating. This is where you need to be if you are a successful and driven guy.

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