Not Getting Responses On Hinge

Not Getting Responses On Hinge? 7 Instant Fixes to Boost Results

In this article, the world’s best online dating expert, Joshua Pompey, discusses 10 actions you should take immediately if you are not getting responses on Hinge.

Not getting responses on hinge? 10 steps for instant results

1. Tell a full and compelling story with your photos

Woman skiing in a hinge profile

The worst thing you can do with your Hinge profile is to post six photos posing alone, especially if you’re not getting responses on Hinge. This approach is boring and reveals nothing about you other than your appearance.

Instead, leverage your photos to tell a captivating story of what it would look like to date you. Showcasing a variety of engaging moments can include posting photos of you on vacation, with family, participating in adventurous activities, interacting with animals, playing a sport, spending quality time with friends, showcasing humor, engaged in unique hobbies, etc.

The more interesting you appear, the more others will find you interesting in return. It’s that simple. If you don’t have a diverse assortment of photos, the best plan of attack is to enlist the help of a friend or photographer to help you acquire them.

2. Make sure there are zero weak links in your photo selection

online dating red flag

If you are not getting responses on Hinge you must make sure you have 0 weak links in the photos. This is one of the most critical determinants of success.

This means you cannot have any pictures that display red flags. Some examples of red flags include:

  • Appearing as if you party too much
  • Coming across as immature
  • Appearing to be someone who isn’t serious about a relationship
  • Seeming promiscuous (women) or posing with your shirt off (men)
  • Not looking the same in all your photos
  • Posing with things that turn people off (a giant fish, a gun, etc.)
  • Poor lightening and strange backgrounds (bathrooms, isolated rooms, off-putting locations)
  • Misguided outfits
  • Awkward poses and facial expressions

You also need to appear as flattering as possible in every photo you post. Even if you have five great photos where you look very attractive, if the sixth photo isn’t flattering, it can negate the impact of all the others. On Hinge, you will always be judged the harshest based on your least attractive photo.

3. Enlist the assistance of a friend of professional photographer

Pro photographer for dating photos

If you already have 6 incredible photos of yourself, great. But most of you will have to put in some hard work in order to acquire 6 photos that spark high levels of interest.

A common mistake is trying to aquire these photos yourself, relying on a combination of poor selfies or attempting to balance a camera while posing in front of poorly constructed backgrounds.

The best approach is to hire a professional photographer to assist you or, at the very least, rely on a trusted friend who is somewhat skilled at taking photos. This will help ensure that you capture your absolute best self. How effective is this? The data doesn’t lie. Over the years, clients of mine who used professional photographers often achieved significantly better results.

4. You must create a fun persona

women laughing looking at phone

Creating a fun persona doesn’t mean you have to make your audience laughing uncontrollably. Sure, making your audience laugh is a great strategy, and you should definitely strive for humor in at least one prompt.

But you can also showcase you are fun with prompts and photos that reveal:

  • Unique interests
  • A love of traveling
  • Laughing and having a good time
  • Hanging out with friends
  • On a fun adventure
  • Playing sports
  • Hiking through nature
  • At a fun event (concerts, sports, etc.)
  • Engaged in an adrenaline oriented activity
  • Accomplishing something great
  • Playing with your kids, nieces, or nephews

You get the idea! Overall, the more fun, open, and excited you appear to be about life, the more others will be excited about getting to know you, and the more they will respond to your messages on hinge.

5. Be clever and unique with your introductions

hinge intro message

The best part about Hinge is that the prompts provide easy opportunities to showcase your fun and witty side. Take a look at the example above.

My introduction is quick, playful, and can easily lead to a fun conversation about crazy dates and experiences on Hinge. As an added bonus, the comment implicitly suggests that I am one of the more normal people on this app.

hinge dating app funny opener

In the 2nd example, I’m using a play on words to make the reader laugh, while also showing some wit, which is also a sign of intelligence. Additionally, this introduction opens the door to a conversation about something she loves (dessert), allowing for a seamless transition into suggesting a great dessert spot for our first date—an idea I know she would be excited about.

6. Avoid small talk like the plague

woman bored on the phone

Let’s revisit the two examples mentioned earlier. Imagine how dull it would be if I simply asked, ‘Which escape rooms have you tried?’ or ‘What’s your favorite dessert?’ The mere thought of it is enough to make me want a nap.

The repetitive nature of Hinge is something that you need to subvert. Always strive to be playful, fun, or bold. It is crucial to avoid the dreadful boredom that often accompanies mundane small talk on dating apps.

7. Be flirtatious!

hinge opening messages
hinge flirtatious messages

Don’t be afraid to be a little flirtatious if you are not getting responses on Hinge. Just as we would flirt with someone we like at a bar or in a social situation, you should do so online. The key is to flirt in an appropriate manner. In the examples above, we are simply being playful and fun with our flirtation. What we want to avoid is anything sexual in nature or comments that could be interpreted as offensive.

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