Online Dating Profile Tips for Women

Online Dating Profile Tips for Women

My 7 Best Profile Writing Tips Over the Past 7 Years

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

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It’s hard to believe that its been 7 years since I wrote my very first online dating profile for a client.  Eager to share my knowledge with the world, the excitement of that very first order was one of the more exciting days of my professional life. 

Perhaps the only thing more exciting is the fact that I have helped thousands of men and women all around the world with my online profile writing service ever since.   Well today I would like to share some of the knowledge I have acquired over the years with you, absolutely free.   In this article I am going to share my 7 best online dating profile tips over the past 7 years. 

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My Best Online Dating Profile Tips for Women – #1


One unflattering picture will drastically hinder your results.

Make no mistake.  The guys that want relationships do care what you write in your profile.  But they will never read your profile (or your email) if they don’t find all of your pictures attractive.  Key word – all.


As I always tell female clients, guys are extremely visual and you are only as good as your least attractive picture.  That doesn’t mean you have to be a model.  It just means you have to choose pictures that present you correctly.  A guy may love 6 of your photos, but if that 7th picture makes him wonder just how attracted to you he actually is, he will likely move on to the next profile.  

My Best Online Dating Profile Tips for Women – #2 


Unintentional red flags will keep you online and single for years

Red flags kill online dating lives.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to know if your profile writing or photo gallery has any.  If you did, you obviously wouldn’t have them to begin with!

A few common red flags include; giving off negative energy, appearing needy, appearing desperate, having over sexualized pictures, coming across as high- maintenance, seeming closed-minded, etc. I can go on and on.

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My Best Online Dating Profile Tips for Women – #3 


Place at least one photo that baits men into asking a question.

In the short attention span world we live in, the easier you make it for a man to think of a question to ask you, the more likely he will.  Place at least one photo in your photo gallery (preferably more) that accomplishes this. 

It could be a picture of you doing something adventurous (skydiving, mountain climbing), interesting (a remote travel destination, the picture to the left), mysterious, silly, etc.  Whatever the picture is, the easier you make it for a man to comment on a photo, the more likely he will send you a message relating to that photo.  Which brings us to online dating profile tip #3…

My Best Online Dating Profile Tips for Women – #4  


Write at least one statement or question in your profile that baits men into sending you a message.

Just like I discussed above, you are once again going to bait men into asking you a question.  Except this time, you are going to use your profile writing to do so. 

For example, if you love to read, you could write in your profile, “I love curling up to a good book over a glass of wine.  All recommendations are strongly appreciated!”  This statement is not only baiting a man into messaging you about his favorite books, but is also setting up the opportunity for some really interesting conversation based upon a shared love of reading.  

The more profile bait you add to your writing, as well as your photo gallery, the better.

My Best Online Dating Profile Tips for Women – #5


Know your audience, or lose your audience.


I love the smell of lavender scented candles in the Fall and am a foodie with an eclectic palet …. Zzzzzzz….  Sorry about that.  I fell asleep for a second. 

Ok I’m back…  All too often do I see female profiles that are extremely well-written, but unfortunately, have absolutely zero appeal to the men reading them.  If you want to attract men online, know your audience and write your profile using language that appeals to the audience you are attempting to attract. 

My Best Online Dating Profile Tips for Women – #6  


Don’t tell him why you are great, show it

It isn’t good enough to say you are funny, playful, or adventurous.  Every other woman online makes the same claims.  If you don’t want a quality man’s eyes to glaze over when he reads your profile, don’t say your best qualities, show them.

If you are playful, write something playful.  If you are adventurous, post an adventurous picture and make a comment in your profile that implies you are adventurous.  Show yourself off correctly and you will soar to the front of the competition.

My Best Online Dating Profile Tips for Women – #7


You need to carve your own niche



Who are you?  Are you the adventurous girl?  The playful girl?  The intelligent girl?  All of the above and more? 

When a guy reads your profile, the more you make it clear why you are special and worth choosing over all the other amazing women online, the better off you will be.  Don’t be just another cliche.  Pop off the page with enough diversity and originality that other men will forget they even have other options.

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