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Are you frustrated with online dating?


Is your inbox filled with messages from men who make you want to quit online dating forever?


Are you ready to just settle down with a quality man already and live happily ever after?


Well now you can.  It’s time to stop struggling, and start putting yourself in the best possible position for success.  With countless women competing for the same quality men online, it is absolutely critical to showcase your best self with a profile that is optimized to perfection.


Located in the heart of New York City, and serving online daters all over the globe, our team is the best in the business at helping well-rounded and successful women to land a quality man online.  With nearly a decade’s worth of experience, success rates of over 99%, and exclusive training from the world’s #1 online dating expert (Joshua Pompey), we have, and always will be, the world’s #1 online dating profile writing service for women.

Why Hire A Professional Profile Writing Service?





Did you know that the highest quality men online often receive dozens of contacts each week?  You may be a well-rounded, successful, and amazing woman in “real life,” but if you don’t know how to communicate this through the written word in ways that are highly engaging to a man, you will never be able to push past the competition.


This is where our profile writing experts come in.  You will no longer be just another cliche that blends in with the crowd and goes un-noticed.  Your profile will jump off the page on every possible level.  Our professionals are masterful at taking all your best qualities, and highlighting them in ways that are proven to attract and maintain the interest of even the most in demand men online.  By the time we are finished working with you, you will emerge to the forefront of the competition as the type of highly attractive woman that men feel a need to to put everything else on hold for.


This service isn’t just an investment in an online dating profile.  It’s an investment in your time and happiness for the rest of your life.  Why spend another day attracting sub-par men and going on less than memorable dates, when you can attract the best of the best today?

“Wow, I absolutely love the profile bio you wrote. Both are amazing. I must admit I tried another writing service before contacting your company & the bio the person wrote was a complete disaster, so I’m very grateful that you took time to write such an amazing bio. Your knowledge of the online bios exceeded my expectation. Your words, sentences and paragraphs turned to an amazing story are music to my ears! I am thrilled & will definitely pass on the word as to what amazing writers your company offers. A+++++ Thank you, Julie, Long Beach” (Click here for dozens of testimonials)

Why Are We More Successful With Women

Than Any Other Profile Writing Service?

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When our staff first started writing profiles back in 2009, our team was comprised of an all male staff, and worked exclusively with men for close to 4 years. As our media attention grew, women began to take notice of our services.  Even though we only worked with men at the time, women were increasingly reaching out for our assistance, with the assumption that we must know how men think better than any other profile writing service out there.


It turns out they couldn’t have been more right. To make a long story short, we have been so successful with women, that our female business now outnumbers our male business by nearly 10 to 1!  But perhaps more importantly, we are the only profile writing service that is exclusively comprised of an all male staff. While we firmly believe that women are just as talented as men in every possibly way, we also believe that nobody can truly understand the male mind better than an actual man, and for this reason, we continue to maintain an all male profile writing staff to this day.  Click here for dozens of testimonials.

We are a Joshua Pompey Founded Service


In addition to having an all male staff, Next Evolution Matchmaking is a Joshua Pompey founded service, with all profiles writers handpicked and exclusively trained by Joshua Pompey.   When you purchase a Joshua Pompey product or service, you are guaranteed to the best quality, customer service, and dedication to success in the industry.   If you would like to request a profile written exclusively by Joshua, you can fill request one here. (Slightly higher rates apply)

How Does The Process Work?

step1Step 1. Sign up for our service. You can sign up here.


Step 2. Download the questionnaire that comes with your purchase.


Step 3. Return the questionnaire back to us via email.


Step 4. Receive your completed profile within 3 business days.


If you would prefer to complete the process over the phone or would like a free evaluation of your current profile first, feel free to call us anytime at 1-888-511-3150.


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What Will You Receive When You Sign Up for Our Service?

  • 12-woman-computer_smA custom made profile from one of our top professionals.
  • A full photo gallery review. Sends us as many pictures as you’d like for our experts to review.
  • 7 Days of free coaching from one of our top professionals.
  • A free revision to your profile (If requested).
  • A free phone consultation before and after your profile is made (If requested).
  • A full refund guarantee.

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Nobody Offers a Better Guarantee Than We Do


Most risk-free guarantees aren’t really risk-free at all.  Check the F.A.Q. of most guarantees, and you will find hidden return fees, or massive amounts of required paper work to receive a refund, with companies knowing that you do not have the time or energy to bother.    Not here.   As a Joshua Pompey founded service, you can sleep at night knowing that you have purchased the most risk free offer on the Internet.


If you don’t like your profile, just request a refund within 3 business days, and your money will be credited back to you within 24 hours.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not.  The reason we are able to keep this amazing offer is because less than 10 customers have ever requested a refund since 2009.  Sure you could lie to us, get a refund, and keep the profile anyway.  But it’s not something we worry about, as our customers have proven unbelievably honest over the years.  With thousands of profiles written, our track record has proven that this is an offer we don’t have to worry about!  Click here for additional rules and details

Did We Mention We Also Offer

The Best Bonus Offer on the Planet?

ONLINE-RULES-OF-LOVE-1024x768These days everyone offers bonuses. Well we don’t just strive to match everyone else, we are all about being the best in the world at everything, including bonuses.  So before we send you into the online dating world, we want to make sure you have more than enough knowledge to put yourself in the best possible position for success.  For a limited time only, when you hire one of our profile writing professionals, you will receive:

  • A copy of The Online Rules of Love, By Joshua Pompey (Valued at $29.99)
  • 14 days of free coaching via email (Valued at $199.99 – Email any questions you have to your personal dating coach – free!)
  • The opportunity to have your photos reviewed for life (Valued at $199.99)!


This is a value of over $400, free!  Why the massive giveaway?  Because e-books don’t cost us time or energy to give away, and we love coaching our clients for a few days to set them on the right path.  So enjoy!  How’s that for a great bonus?

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So the Question Remains…

Are You Finally Ready to Land a Quality Man Online?


How often in life do you have a chance to change your entire life completely risk-free?   It’s time to stop putting your happiness on hold, and start moving forward with the best times of your life.  This is going to be the best investment you’ve ever made.  We guarantee it!

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