How to Bridge the Time Gap Between Dates

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How to Bridge the Time Gap Between Dates

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

So you went on a first date that went extremely well.  You both shared a first kiss.  He or she texted you after the date was over.  All is good in the world.  There’s only one little problem.  You both aren’t free to meet up for a date until the following week.


Twenty five years ago this wouldn’t have been a problem.  But in an age of unlimited options, with men and women logging onto dating sites every day to check their inbox in between first and second dates, letting too much time pass without communication between each date is never a good thing.  You need to stay relevant.


On the other hand, if you reach out to the other person too much, or initiate text messaging conversations with them every day, you run the risk of looking over-eager.


The solution:  Bridge the gap with the following little text messaging trick…


Suppose it is the day after your date, and you and your person of interest have been texting throughout the night.  When it starts to get late, just ignore the very last text that you receive.  The next day, at around 10 or 11 in the morning, text the other person that you passed out and didn’t see their message, then just continue the conversation you were having from the night before.


What purpose does this move serve?


It bridges the gap.  Now you are in contact for three days straight (the first being your date) due to “circumstance.”  You didn’t have to go “out of your way” to text the other person and start a new conversation the next day.  Instead, the conversation “never ended,” because you “fell asleep.”


This clears you from looking over-eager or desperate since you technically didn’t reach out to talk.  You were letting the other person know you “fell asleep” the night before, and the conversation is “naturally” continuing.   Now you are in the clear to interact all day for a third day in a row.  If you can’t meet for a week or longer, you can use this move once again later in the week to bridge another two days in the dating gap.


As an added bonus, absence often helps to build attraction.  When you disappear the night before, the other person will be all the more happy when they hear from you the next day.  Just think about how you felt the last time someone seemed to disappear from your text, and then how you felt when you finally heard back.


But I don’t like playing games?  Isn’t this just a game…


Sure we are playing slight games with this move, but in an age of unlimited options and short attention spans, sometimes innocent game playing is a necessary evil for long term happiness.


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