7 Reasons Why The Best Matchmakers In NYC Will Rob You Blind And Keep You Single

7 Reasons Why The “Best Matchmakers In NYC” Will Rob You Blind And Keep You Single

By Joshua Pompey


New York City.  It’s the greatest city in the world, right?   Between the culture, the diversity, and the ease of finding a relationship. Okay, well… maybe we could scratch that last part.   As a lifelong New Yorker, I am well aware of just how hard it can be to find a relationship in this city.

If you’re reading this article, you may have even decided to entertain the idea of a hiring a professional matchmaker to help you out.  But before you go ahead and spend your hard earned money, it’s important to understand why even the “best matchmakers in NYC” are a poor investment.

1. Matchmaking is an outdated tradition

Here’s a quick test to see how effective matchmakers in New York City are. Have you ever actually known someone who found love through a matchmaker? How about a friend of a friend? How about a friend, of a friend, of a friend?

For almost all of you reading this article, the answer is probably no. This tells you all you need to know about the relevancy of matchmakers in NYC these days.

2. The reviews usually tell the full story

Over the years I’ve personally spoken with way too people that were ripped off by matchmakers.  Common complaints ranged from switch and bait sales tactics, to receiving very few dates, to matchmakers ignoring their phone calls, along with a host of other issues.

Google the term “matchmaker reviews” or “matchmaker scams” and you will see for yourself just how many people have had bad experiences with these types of agencies.  The overwhelming negativity is very indicative of what most clients experience through these services.

3. Matchmakers attract a lot of the wrong people

The idea of being set up with someone who shares your intellect, drive, and passion for life sounds appealing, right?  The problem is, such a small quantity of people sign up for matchmakers that these agencies don’t have a wide range of quality partners to set you up with.

Many clients that matchmakers sign up are not exactly relationship material (womanizers, gold diggers, Peter Pan syndrome, etc.).  It’s important to note that no matter how exclusive most of these agencies claim to be, because they are desperate for members, their only real priority is that a client has a credit card and money to spend.

4. Everyone is online dating these days

For better or worse, online dating is where most people are looking for love these. Doctors, lawyers, models, teachers, white, black, young, old… You name it… you’ll find that person online.

Online dating has come a long way in the past ten years.  While you will encounter plenty of people on dating sites that make you cringe, you will also find some of the highest quality men and women in New York City.   In fact, many matchmaking agencies recruit dates straight from online dating sites.

5. The fee per date from the “best NYC matchmakers” is outrageous

Did you know that the “best matchmakers” in New York City charge a minimum of 10,000 dollars?  Some even charge upwards of 40,000 dollars. And guess how many dates you will receive for that fee?  Three to six dates over the course of six months if you are lucky.

Just think of what that cost amounts to for each date?  Would you ever consider paying someone 2,000 dollars a date, or even crazier, 10,000 dollars a date?   Aside from the absurdity of the cost, dating is a numbers game.  You can have everything in common with someone on paper, but until you meet face to face, you never know if you will have face to face chemistry.  A handful of dates is simply not enough.

6. The money creates an inherent conflict

Are you seeking a man that is within 5 years of you and successful?  Well that same guy is saying to himself, “I’m paying 15,o00 dollars, I want a woman 15 years younger.”

Are you seeking a woman who is smart, fun, and down to earth?  Well your date was recruited by this agency to date paying members for free and just wants someone rich that will take care of her.

See a pattern here?  Because matchmakers cost so much money, the preferences of the men and women involved rarely align.  Money creates an inherent conflict in the matchmaking process.

7. They don’t have enough members

The truth is, matchmakers rarely have enough matches for their clients, despite all the promises they make prior to  signing clients up.  They’ll show you plenty of people in their data base, but this is often just a bait and switch.

Once you sign up, they will be scrambling to find someone who they can set you up on a date with. Considering the outrageous costs of traditional matchmakers, there is no way to justify this type of behavior.

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