The Joshua Pompey Process Testimonials

The bad news?  I feel like I wasted an entire year of my life before this product.  The good news?  This may just be the best year of my life.  Can’t thank Joshua enough for the knowledge in this series.  I highly recommend it to anyone out there.

Kurt, Salem

Hey Josh,

I can’t believe it but everything has changed for me.  I have a few dates lined up this week and a few more in the works for next week.  I literally can’t believe it.  If you ever need anything just let me know.  Hope all is well and thanks again. 

Anthony, West Palm Beach

A+ all around.

Taylor, Long Beach

“Quick update.  Drinks Friday, 2 coffee dates Saturday, and another 2 phone numbers.  I can’t even keep up man”

Lawrence, Austin

“So do you have a process for keeping me from going broke as well?  All these dates are starting to add up.  Lol.  This is too funny Josh…  gotta run.  I’ll you posted with any updates.”

Colton, Rahway

“Wish I found you sooner but I ain’t complaining!” 

Seth, Arizona

“Joshua this has been completely eye-opening to say the least.  Quick question for you…

Gary, Richmond

“I got a couple more numbers this week and a few potentials lined up.  I’ll let you know how it goes but for now things are looking pretty damn good.”

Andrew, New Orleans

“It’s been fun making the move to Vegas.  It’s been even more fun since making the move to the Pompey Process!  Ha!  Thanks Josh for all the hard work.”

Amed, Las Vegas

“Thanks again for hooking up me up with all that free advice.  I’m going to read this books one more time just to soak it all in and I’ll definitely be spreading the word around.”

Dres, Detroit

“Can’t believe I doubted you.  Genius man.”

Deven, Birmingham

“Ok so first off, amazing.  2nd, question about the emailing process.  I messaged…”

Glen, U.K

“I’ve been online dating for a hell of a long time and I’ve had more results in my first two weeks than I had in my first 2 years on my own.  Bygones are bygones though.  Cheers to a better future.”

Brett, Fresno

“Okay here goes.  I’ve been down on my self esteem for a long time.  I’ve always been able to meet women on some level… although I’ll admit… I’m no ladies man… but online dating has been f-n brutal.  I seriously felt like shit all the time logging on to these sites.  I found this course and thought I’d give it a shot because of the risk free offer.  I’ll admit it’s not an instant fix and it took me time to learn the whole system and implement it.  Once I got going though it really started to work.  I’m hoping it’s not just a fluke and will keep going.  For now though I’m super glad I found this thing.”

Ralph, Charlotte

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