The NEM Process

Did you know our clients have found complete success within an average of approximately 2 months since 2014?

What is Next Evolution Matchmaking?

Next evolution matchmaking is a luxury service that takes the concept of traditional and outdated matchmaking services, to the online dating world of the 21st century.


Traditional Matchmaking Services no longer work in today’s day and age. In a time period where millions of successful and attractive singles are flocking to online dating sites in increasing numbers, quality singles who are still willing to pay outrageous fees for just three dates from a traditional matchmaker are few and far between.


To make things worse, any “reputable matchmaker” will charge between 10 and 50 thousand dollars for less than a handful of dates that aren’t exactly real “matches.” Spending thousands of hard earned dollars for whatever dates are available isn’t effective, nor is it fiscally responsible.

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On the other hand, online dating sites are filled with endless amounts of attractive, successful, and goal oriented professionals. It is simply a matter of learning how to attract, secure, and arrange dates with those who are worth meeting.


The only problem is, online dating requires an extensive amount of time, knowledge, and dedication, or one will have minimal success at best.


Enter Next Evolution Matchmaking…


NEM is a luxury service for busy professionals that allows the world’s best online dating experts to log onto your account, and completely take over your online dating life.


When you hire an NEM professional to work as your personal online matchmaker, our highly trained staff will write all your emails, perform all your searches, and find compatible matches at tremendous success rates.   All you have to to is sit back, enjoy your life, and wait for the amazing dates to line up.


Hiring us is gaining inside access to the highest quality singles online, without ever having to deal with the difficult, tedious, and time-consuming aspects of online dating again.


All NEM Matchmakers are handpicked and trained by founder Joshua Pompey, widely known as the best online dater in the world.


With NEM, you will not only enjoy the time saving and expert benefits that traditional matchmakers are supposed to provide, but you will have access to more dates, higher quality dates, and more intimate one on one assistance throughout the entire process, at a fee that makes sense for your goals.

Here’s how the process works…

Step 1 – The Initiation Phase

In order to successfully take over your online dating life, the NEM team will need to learn how to accurately represent you when we begin the process of writing your emails. This will ensure a seamless transition from the online world to a first meeting.


If you are accepted as a VIP client, during the initiation phase you will have an intimate and confidential discussion with your NEM professional about your relationship needs, desires, and goals, as your VIP Assistant familiarizes himself with all the qualities that make you the unique person you are.

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Your NEM professional will take notes, build a file, gage your strengths, and come up with a custom designed plan on how to go about the process of achieving your relationship goals online, and attracting the highest quality singles available.

Step 2 – Photo Gallery and Profile Creation

Once the initiation phase is complete, your NEM professional will begin the process of crafting a custom made profile that is optimized towards attracting the type of matches you are looking to meet.


This part of the process will be a critical aspect of your unparalleled success. Having crafted profiles for countless clients all over the world since 2009, this is a skill that founder Joshua Pompey and his highly trained professionals have specialized in for over half a decade.

Step 3 – Elite Matchmaking with Daily Reports will Be Initiated

Once your NEM professional has a firm grasp on your individual personality, desires, and needs, he will set up your profile and begin working as your personal online assistant five days a week.


This includes highly targeted searching, email creation and management, filtering out unwanted attention, making daily adjustments, and acquiring and providing phone numbers to the quality matches that fit the criteria you are looking for.


Each day you will receive a daily report discussing all the work that has been completed that day, with detailed guidance, coaching, and assistance throughout the entire duration of your membership.

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You will have complete access to all your accounts and can be as hands on or off with the process as you wish. While most clients choose to remain on the sidelines as our professionals get to work on attracting quality matches, you are more than welcome to log onto your account and be part of the process any time you wish.


As a VIP client, you will also receive unlimited coaching via email, have exclusive text messaging access with your NEM professional, and will have optional access to weekly phone consultations.

Step 4 – Live the Life of Your Dreams

Whether you are looking for a busier dating life or true love, your only job will be to enjoy the amazing dates that the NEM team consistently lines up for you.



As a busy and successful professional, you deserve to enjoy your free time as we take care of all the heavy lifting for you.   This is the ultimate luxury, without the ultimate price tag of outdated matchmaking services that just don’t work.

Why You Should Apply for Nem Right Now …

The landscape of the single world is always evolving and has changed tremendously over the past few years. The question is, are you going to evolve with the times, or take part in outdated methods of finding love that just don’t work?


With our average client finding complete success in approximately 2 months since 2014, and an intimate experience working with the best trained online daters in the world, the value and knowledge this service will provide is priceless. With millions of successful, accomplished, and attractive singles populating the online dating world, Next Evolution Matchmaking is your true path to happiness.


Please note – Our staff is limited to only the best trained experts in the world, and therefore, only takes on a limited amount of clients per month in order to ensure the best possible quality of service. If the client list is full, we would be glad to put you on a waiting list and contact you when a spot opens.  Click here for our F.A.Q. Terms, Services, And Other Important Information


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