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How Much Does It’s Just Lunch Cost?   Why You Should Save Your Money!

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Have you heard about It’s Just Lunch?

Perhaps you’ve seen their ads in inflight magazine advertisements, or heard about It’s Just Lunch on the radio.  The concept is kind of catchy right?  Meet up for a casual lunch with your ideal match, and get to know that person with in a low pressure environment.  Sounds great right?  Well, not exactly.

How much does It’s Just Lunch actually cost?

Google around and you will quickly find that It’s Just Lunch charges several thousand dollars for a basic package.  They will also try to up-sell you on larger packages that run closer to ten thousand dollars.  At those prices, each date will amount to well over a thousand dollars.

Okay, the money matchmakers charge is insane, but the dates must be great right? 

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Yep, you read that photo correctly.  It’s Just Lunch had a class action lawsuit filed against them in 2018 as a response to their deceiving tactics.   The result was a $60 million dollar settlement.  Think about how many people this company deceived over the years to warrant a settlement of that magnitude..  Even more alarming, this company still operates and does great business.

A quick Google search will also yield dozens of different Yelp pages for the company, all dominated by negative feedback.  Typical of most matchmaking companies, the most common complaints seem to be very few dates, terrible matches, and a vast amount of reviews claiming that the company is a scam.  With how much matchmakers charge, there is no excuse for this.

Here’s the truth about most matchmaking companies 

Traditional matchmaking companies are outdated mediums that rarely have the matches that they promise clients upfront.  They are almost always bait and switch operations.   The truth is, almost everyone is meeting on dating sites or dating APPS these days.   This is where you will have your best chance of finding love once you equip yourself with the right approach.

Our company combines traditional matchmaking with the modern world of online dating

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Here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, we are not a traditional matchmaking company.  We combine outdated and traditional matchmaking methods that no longer work, with the modern world of online dating, for results that are truly successful.  In fact, our average clients find what they are looking for approximately two months into their memberships.  Whether you’ve been burnt by a matchmaker in the past or are currently checking out your options, we’d love to show you how our methods differ.  To learn more about our process, click here now.

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