NEM Versus Traditional Matchmaking - Why You Must Avoid Matchmakers
Learn why you should avoid traditional matchmakers at all costs when looking to find love. NEM will find you more dates, better dates, and higher quality.
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NEM Versus Traditional Matchmaking

Why Choose Next Evolution Matchmaking over a traditional Matchmaker


More often than not, clients seek our assistance after being deceived and misled by traditional matchmakers.  Don’t let this happen to you. Here at NEM, we do not stand for deceptive practices.


Our company works with honesty, integrity, and a tireless dedication to deliver the results you are looking for.   Below are just a few of the reasons why NEM is superior to traditional matchmaking on nearly every level.

More Dates


Traditional matchmakers typically provide 3 “matches” over the course of several months.  Three dates over the course of several months isn’t exactly going to provide you with the best odds of finding love.

Next Evolution Matchmaking

Chemistry cannot always be predicted on paper.  Sometimes you have to meet a lot of quality people before finding “the one.”  As an NEM member, you won’t have to wait several months for 3 dates and hope to get lucky.  Our clients often receive 3 or more dates with quality matches within the first 2 weeks of signing up.

REAL Matches


One of the worst untold secrets of traditional matchmaking companies is that they don’t always have actual matches for you.  This is because it is rare to find singles who will invest $10,000 or more for just a handful of dates.


The truth is, most matchmakers will promise the world to you, and once they have your money, will simply match you up with whomever they can find to go on a date with you.  This isn’t real matchmaking.  Its deceptive and highly immoral.

Next Evolution Matchmaking

In this day and age, online dating sites have more quality singles than one can dream of, filled with countless accomplished professionals and attractive singles.  With millions of men and women logging on every single day, the amount of real potential matches for our experts to find you is virtually unlimited.


At NEM, we provide the type of matches that you actually want, not just what’s available.

Superior Value


Any “reputable” matchmaker will charge a minimum of $10,000 dollars for approximately 3 dates over the course of several months.  That comes to a minimum of $3,000 per date to meet people that are rarely real matches.

Next Evolution Matchmaking

Investing a minimum of $3,000 for one date is completely unacceptable, regardless of your financial situation.  Our NEM experts will find you exponentially more dates, better dates, and higher quality matches for the entire duration of your membership, providing a value that simply cannot be matched elsewhere.

Matchmakers Set You Up to Fail


When you sign up for traditional matchmaking, most of the time your date will not actually be a paying member.  Your “matches” are usually recruited for free so that the company has someone to date you.  So while you are investing thousands of dollars for a handful of dates, the person sitting across from you is on a free date with no emotional or financial commitment to the process.


When your date is aware that you are paying thousands of dollars to meet them, you are instantly setting yourself up for failure.

Next Evolution Matchmaking

At NEM, your matches will all come from the same dating pool, and are all emotionally and physically invested in the process of online dating.


When you receive dates you will know that the other person is on that date because they’ve made a conscious decision to try and form a meaningful relationship, not because a matchmaker had to actively recruit them for a free date.



Another untold secret of traditional matchmakers is that they often recruit your dates straight from online dating sites when they are in need of a match.

Next Evolution Matchmaking

Why pay thousands of dollars to have a matchmaker recruit someone from an online dating site when we could interact with 4 or more quality singles a day on the same site?   Here at NEM, we will recruit the best singles online every single day of your membership.

1 on 1 Service / 5 Days a Week


Traditional matchmakers often talk a big game until they receive your money.  Once they have you under contract, the contact with your matchmaker is infrequent, along with their one on one dedication to your success.

Next Evolution Matchmaking

At NEM, we limit the amount of clients we take on to ensure the most intimate one on one service possible.  When you become a client of ours, you will not be just another face in a massive company, and we will never disappear once we have your money.  You will receive top quality service, coaching, and interaction 5 days a week.

Founded by The Best Online Dating Expert in the World


Matchmakers are a dime a dozen.  Search Google and you will find hundreds of wannabe matchmakers, all promising you the person of your dreams.  All it takes is a credit card and a few forms and you can become a certified matchmaker overnight.

Next Evolution Matchmaking

Our expertise is real and has been earned for more than half a decade. NEM is founded by Joshua Pompey, who has been named the best online dater in the world by some of the biggest media outlets known to man, and has preached his advice to an audience that totals over 10 million and counting.


With all staff members being personally trained by Joshua for months before joining his elite staff, when you hire an NEM professional, you can be assured that you are receiving the most effective assistance in the world.