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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about NEM

Our NEM staff thrives off providing the most intimate customer service experience possible. For answers to the most commonly asked questions about our service, please read below.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact the NEM staff, or call us anytime to set up your free phone consultation.

How long do memberships last?

Memberships are currently offered in packages of 1 to 6 months.

Can't I do all this myself?

The average online dater spends a dozen or more hours per week answering emails and performing searches.  Sure, with hard work, practice, and patience, you can do this all yourself.


But why spend countless physically and emotionally exhausting hours in front of the computer, receiving mediocre results, when you can hire the best experts in the world to find you the best quality matches available.   As a successful professional, you deserve to live and enjoy your life to the fullest.  Let us pamper you and provide optimal results in the meantime.

How many dates can I expect per month?

Our experts focus on providing you with a quality dating life at all times, filled with multiple options each week.  Our experts typically interact with approximately four to six people per day, ensuring that you are never short of options.


The day to day time spent on your profile will vary based on how busy your dating life is at the moment.  Our top priority is quality over quantity. How many people you choose to meet up with is entirely up to you.

Is this service confidential?

Completely.  Over the years we have worked with all walks of life, from doctors, to actors, to CEO’s of major corporations.  Regardless of your station in life, protecting your identity is a number one priority at all times.  Your name will never be revealed.

Won't my dates realize they have been talking to someone else when I arrive for my date?

As long as you read the email exchanges of your NEM professional prior to meeting, there is no chance your date will ever realize.  This is because your NEM professional is highly trained to accurately reflect your true personality at all times.

Aren't I deceiving someone by hiring NEM?

The truth is, online dating conversations are extremely superficial.  If you were to ask 100 online daters if they remember what they talked about in their emails prior to meeting, ninety nine of them would barely remember their conversations.


This is because the conversations held online are just a means to an end.  The critical part of emailing is to get your foot in the door and maintain interest until a phone number is received.  Our professionals are the best in the world at accomplishing this, while staying true to who you are at your core.  Once the phone number is received, you will take over completely.

What if I struggle with taking over once my NEM professional lines up a date?

You will never be left on your own when it comes to improving your dating skills.   This service will provide you with daily coaching via email, full text messaging access with your NEM professional, and up to four phone consultations a month to help you improve your dating skills.

Will I still have access to my online dating accounts?

Absolutely.  You can log on your accounts anytime you wish and will still have full access.

Why do I have to apply for membership?

Our staff receives a lot of requests for membership and can only take on a limited amount of clients.  For this reason, we prefer to take on clients who are well-rounded, interesting, and easy to work with.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I still respond to emails and take part in the process?

Absolutely.  Most clients hire us to take over the process completely.  But some still like to log on and answer a few emails here and there.  How interactive you’d like to be is completely up to you.

What are your success rates?

Success is different for everyone.  Some people define success as a busier dating life, others define success as long lasting love.


What we can tell you though is that since launching this service, we have had multiple marriages, countless long-term relationships, and an extremely high success rate.


In addition, many clients retain strong friendships with their matchmakers long after the process is over, as the bond between coach and client typically becomes very enjoyable for both parties.

If I am not happy with the VIP service, are there refunds available?

Unfortunately, once signing up for a VIP membership there are no refunds on this service, even if you decide not to use the service, or not to use the service in it’s entirety.  This is because we have a limited amount of spots to ensure all our clients get the proper attention.  Once all spots are filled, we turn down new potential clients.  In addition, the time it takes our professionals to get to know you, create your profile, and complete the initiation process, in addition to anything performed during the online matchmaking process, is extremely time consuming.


However, if you would like reassurance, founder Joshua Pompey, known as the best online dater in the world, has handpicked and personally trained each member of his team.


If in the event that Next Evolution Matchmaking feels it’s partnership is not working, we reserve the right to provide our clients a full refund. In this event, the entirety of your VIP membership will be refunded so that you lose no money in the process.

What if I am going on vacation for a while or meet someone in the middle of my membership?

You will have the ability to pause your membership at any time.  If you request a pause on your membership, it will not resume until you return and never expires.  Due to this benefit, a six month membership will often last a year or more for most members after factoring in breaks.

I don't consider myself to be very attractive. Will this still work for me?

Without a doubt.  One of the reasons we are known as the best online dating experts in the world is because we are masterful at highlighting your best self and attracting others, regardless of who you are or what you look like.

Do you take on clients from other countries?

Yes we do.  In fact, a large portion of our clientele comes from Europe, Canada, and Australia.  If you are from an English speaking country, we are more than equipped to help you.

I have seen similar companies do what you do. Why Choose NEM?

Since starting this VIP service, we have seen a few copy cats here and there with strikingly similar claims and offers trying to mimic what we have created.   When you come to NEM, you can be confident that you are working with a company founded and controlled by the best online dating expert in the world, focused on luxury, quality, and a pure dedication to your needs.


If you want a bargain, you may want to seek out another company.  This is a high end service catered to successful professionals only.  In addition, there is an interview process before we accept you as a client, as we only work with clients who we deem would be a good fit.  If you are looking for the best results with VIP treatment at all times, NEM is your number one destination.

What is your refund policy on the profile writing service?

Just request a refund within 3 business days of completion, and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked!  Please be honest, as our profile writers work very hard, and we would love to keep this amazing offer for years to come!  🙂

What is your refund policy on the Joshua Pompey Process

If you don’t think this course can help you, just let us know within 3 days, and you will receive a full refund within 24 hours, with no hidden return fees.


In the event that you buy The Joshua Pompey Process as part of a profile package,  refunds will be applied as follows:


If you request a refund on the entire package, it must be made within 3 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund of $249.99 if you are not completely satisfied.


Once 3 days has expired, you will only be eligible for a refund on your profile if you are not completely satisfied ($99.99).  This request must be made within 3 days of your profile being completed.