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Next Evolution Matchmaking’s Most Common Questions

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

Do you have some questions or confusion about how Next Evolution Matchmaking works?  Below are some of the most common questions we often receive.  If you still have questions, please call us anytime at 1-888-511-3150.  All inquiries are responded to within a 24 hour period.

next evolution matchmaking

What exactly is Next Evolution Matchmaking?


Next Evolution Matchmaking combines traditional methods of high end matchmaking with the modern world of online dating.  Think of our professionals as your very own online dating assistants.  When you hire our experts, we write your profile, help put together your photo gallery, perform all your searches, and write all your emails on a daily basis.  Our goal is to line up as many quality dates as we can that meet your high standards.


Why is Next Evolution Matchmaking so successful at finding relationships?


The key to our success lies in the combination of optimizing your online dating profile, diligently searching for quality partners on a daily basis, and consistently reaching out with highly engaging emails.  Whereas you might only have time to search and initiate with a couple people a week (Or month!), we interact with several quality matches a day, expediting the process to extraordinary levels.  Add to this a decade of experience, and we are able to find relationships for our clients in a record amount of time.


What ages do you typically cater to?


Our representatives have experience working with all ages.  We’ve worked with men and woman as young as 25, all the way up to age 75.  The approach may differ slightly depending on your age, location, and background, but we are more than equipped to accommodate all ages.


Will Next Evolution Matchmaking help me with my profile and photos?


Absolutely.  Phase 1 of the process will involve drafting your profile and putting together the perfect visual story.  This is something we will work with you on until you have a profile that is equipped for complete success.  Our staff has written thousands of profiles since 2009, so you are in extremely good hands.


What if I don’t have many photos of myself?


Whether you have hundreds of photos are none, our professionals will work with you until the photo portion of your profile is optimized to attract the type of men or women you are seeking.  Once you acquire and send your pictures in for review, our professionals will carefully choose the photos that are most likely to attract you a quality partner.   If we receive your pictures and still think we need better ones, we will patiently guide you through the process, make suggestions, or recommend a photographer that might be able to further assist you.


How will Next Evolution Matchmaking accurately represent me?


In phase 2 of the process you will receive a form that is divided into 2 halves.  The 1st half will ask you questions that allow us to match you with the precision of a high end matchmaker.  We will learn your height preferences, ethnicity preferences, deal breakers, and many other qualities that you are looking for in a partner.    The 2nd half of the form will ask you all the questions that we will need to know to accurately represent you at all times.  Information such as, where you grew up, the last place you traveled, if you have siblings, your favorite movie, etc.  This information will allow our experts at Next Evolution Matchmaking to work on your behalf with complete ease.


What if my personal assistant doesn’t know the answer to a question?


Truth be told, our staff members have been doing this for so long that this almost never happens.  However, in the event that we don’t know the answer to a question, we will either reach out to you via email, text, phone, or take an educated guess.  It is entirely up to you and the restrictions you set on your assistant.


What online dating sites does Next Evolution Matchmaking use?


Our professionals will be logging onto whatever accounts that you decide to sign up for.  We usually recommend that you sign up for 2 accounts to start with. Once you are all signed up and ready to begin, that’s when our experts will log on every day and take over the process for you.


Will I have access to my accounts?


Absolutely.  These are your accounts and you can log on and see what we are doing at any time.  In addition, you can be as hands on or as hands off as you’d like to be.  Whether you just want to silently observe what we are doing every day, provide feedback, or even take over conversations, they are your accounts and you can do anything you’d like with them.  Some clients hire us because they never want to log onto a dating site again, others like to remain a part of the process.  Regardless of your choice, you will always be able to see what we are doing and respond to any of your emails.


Can I provide you with a list of usernames to message?


Definitely.  Most clients hire us because they prefer our experts to do all the searching and to take the work out of their hands.  However, many clients also prefer to send us usernames or click the “like” button on profiles that they want our experts to message.  It’s entirely up to you how involved you’d like to be.


I’m a very private person.  Is this all confidential?


Yes.  Over the years we’ve worked with some very private people, as well as people whose discretion is required due to their careers.  All information remains completely confidential.  In addition, you can always make your profile private and pre-approve who we message so that you are in complete control of who see you online.


Will this be a lot of work on my end?


The goal of Next Evolution Matchmaking is to completely take the work out of your hands.  Your only major task will be acquiring photos that highlight your best self.  The profile writing form and the VIP form will take 20 minutes to an hour at most to fill out, and then you will never have to life a finger again if you choose not to!


I’m not sure when I could start and I travel a lot.  Should I sign up down the road?


We are one step ahead of you.  We work with a lot of busy people, so here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, we have what is known as the pause feature.  If you sign up for a 3 month membership, you can pause your membership indefinitely as many times as you want and it never expires.  Suppose you are on week 3, day 1 of your membership and you pause for an entire 2 years because you started dating someone,  When you return you are still on week 3, day 2.


Will my dates realize it’s not me when we meet?


Our professionals go through an extensive process to make sure that they are accurately representing you at all times.  In all the years we’ve been serving clients, we’ve never once been told by a client that their date thought they seemed different in person.


Is this process immoral?


Truth be told, the emailing portion of online dating is just a means to an end.  Most people never remember what they even talked about via email and only start to determine if there is chemistry upon meeting face to face, or over the phone.  Our experts simply get your foot in the door and provide you with the opportunities that you might not be able to find on your own due to a lack of time, energy, or expertise.  Over the years we’ve had a whole lot of the most moral and kind people we’ve ever met using our services.


What are your success rates?


On average, our clients have found what they were looking for approximately 2 months into their memberships since launching this service.  We have been incredibly successful, and for that reason, do not offer memberships that last longer than 3 months.  Clients rarely need more than three months, which is an achievement we work tirelessly to maintain every single day.


How do I sign up?


Here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, we always want to make sure that you are a great fit for the service and that we will be able to accommodate your needs.  In addition, our spots are somewhat limited.  To apply for a spot, please fill out the form on this page


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