Finding a relationship online

The 3 Cornerstones of Finding a Relationship Online

In this article you will learn the 3 fundamental building blocks that help our clients to find success.

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

Here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, we have helped a whole lot of clients to find relationships online, as well as happy marriages.  Sure we work hard, have plenty of experience, and bring a unique skill set to the table.


But the true key to our success lies in the what I like to consider, the 3 cornerstones of finding a relationship online.  Once all three of these are perfected, everything else falls into place.


In regards to online dating world, the 3 major cornerstones are the photos you post, the emails you send, and the profile you write.  All 3 should to be perfect in order to maximize your chances of finding a relationship.


As a simple analogy, think of online dating as a 3 legged stool.  The photos, the emails, and profile writing all represent a different leg.  When all 3 of these legs are rock solid and sturdy, the stool can serve its full purpose.  But if even one of those legs is loose or weak, the stool will inevitably fail when put to the test.


Finding a relationship online is no different.  When each leg is strong (The photos, emails, and profile writing), you will thrive.  But if even one of those legs is the tiniest bit loose or weak, the whole operation crumbles by the wayside, or will provide you with a very shaky journey.


Why?  Because online dating is filled with endless options for men and women.


This paradox of choice creates a psychology that will have people instantly clicking to the next profile if every aspect of what you are putting out their doesn’t impress them.  This may sound harsh, but it’s just the reality.


But when those 3 cornerstones of success are perfect, your journey towards finding a relationship online will be exponentially easier.


“Okay, that makes a whole lot of sense.  But I don’t know how to do all that properly!”


If you are feeling overwhelmed by online dating or don’t know where to start, don’t worry.  First off, I have written plenty of free articles that you can use to assist you in the process . Just browse around this website for plenty of free information.


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