Hinge Photo Ideas for Women

Hinge Photo Ideas for Women: 9 Ways To Attract Quality Men

In this article the world’s best online dating expert, Joshua Pompey, discusses the 9 best hinge photo ideas for women.

hinge photo ideas for women

Best Hinge Photo Ideas for Women #1: The Perfect Headshot

A woman looking her best self

Your main profile picture should be your strongest photo and a great headshot is the way to go. Take a look at the example above. This is a beautiful woman on both sides, but the photo on the right maximizes the potential of what she looks like at her best. You should have at least one photo where you put maximum effort into your hair, makeup, and a smile that captivates the attention of your audience. Men are extremely visual, so it is critical to look your best.

Best Hinge Photo Ideas for Women #2: An Image Showcasing You Can Hang With The Guys

woman having a beer with her friends

Suppose a man comes across the photo depicted above… he will instantly think, “wow, she looks pretty cool to hang with,” or “my friends would love here!” Our primal brains are that simple sometimes! Whether you are depicting yourself at a sporting event, playing golf, having a beer with the guys, or any number of activities that guys typically get excited about, these types of photos can really go a long way towards sparking interest.

Best Hinge Photo Ideas for Women #3: Revealing a Sense of Adventure

woman jumping out of an airplane

Here’s the good news: You certainly don’t need to jump out of a plane like the woman above to reveal a strong sense of adventure! A photo of you on vacation or hiking somewhere unique could communicate a sense of adventure just as much as an adrenaline oriented activity.

But the reason these pictures are effective is that they reveal you are someone that life won’t grow boring and monotonous with. Adventure photos represent a life of new and fun experiences, making you a more appealing choice for someone a man can commit to.

Examples of adventure photos:


Exploring other countries



Whitewater rafting

Rock climbing

Bungee jumping


Scuba diving / Snorkeling



Best Hinge Photo Ideas for Women #4. Girls Night Out

woman spending time with friends

A girls’ night out photo often makes for an attractive and appealing picture. These are the nights where you are more likely to throw on a cute outfit and put a little extra effort into your appearance. For this reason, girls’ night out photos are more likely to depict you looking physically attractive and stylish, while often capturing moments of fun and happiness.

When we observe the photo above, its feel-good energy extends to the viewer, creating a positive and uplifting experience. These photos also provide a great window into what you look like when you are amongst your friends, simply having a good time.

Best Hinge Photo Ideas for Women #5. The Animal Photo

Photos with dogs

The animal photo serves several purposes. First, animal lovers often share a strong connection. The photo depicted above instantly communicates this mutual interest to other dog lovers, providing an easy outlet for a fellow dog lover to start up a conversation. The easier you make it for someone to find something to connect with you on and initiation a conversation, the more likely they will.

In addition, photos displaying affection towards animals communicate that you are someone who is caring, loving, and nurturing, which is instinctively attractive to men.

Best Photo Ideas for Women #6: The Family Photo

Photo ideas for women on hinge, take pictures with family.

Similar to animal photos, photos with family communicate that you are someone who is nurturing, loving, and caring. Family photos also reveal that you have a strong sense of loyalty and stay close to the people you love. These are all very attractive qualities to men who are seeking a meaningful relationship.

Best Photo Ideas for Women #7. The Passionate Photo

Photos displaying a passion are great ideas for hinge photos for women

Are you passionate about volunteering, as depicted in the photo above? Or perhaps your passion is tennis, live music, or playing the guitar. Whatever you are enthusiastic about in life, try to find or acquire a photo that showcases this interest of yours.

These types of photos not only make great conversation starters (and tap into potential commonalities), but they also reveal you are someone who has depth, goals, and gets excited about things life, which is very attractive to a potential partner.

Best Photo Ideas for Women #8. The Activity Photo

woman running in a profile for a hinge profile.

As mentioned in the adventure section, men often fear that settling down will result in a life of monotony and boredom. Counter this fear by showing yourself engaged in at least one activity. Activities can include running, playing a sport, a cooking class, creating art, karaoke not, etc.

This will reveal that you are the type of person who is not going to just sit on the sidelines and let life pass you by, but rather, will be an active participant in life that your future partner can have a whole lot of fun with in various ways. To put it simply, you will appear more fun to spend time with!

Best Hinge Photo Ideas #9: The Full Body Shot

woman full body shot

Having a full body shot is critical to success. There are a lot of deceptive people on dating apps, so if a man can’t clearly see what your body looks, your odds of sparking interest will drop significantly.

Does this mean you have to have the body type of the women depicted above? Absolutely not! Whether you are skinny, average, curvy, or have a few extra pounds, there is a body type for everyone. The key is highlighting your body in a manner that is most flattering to your body type.

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