How to Meet Women Online

How to Meet Women Online

The Top 5 Reasons You Are Failing at Meeting Women Online

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

At this very moment, there are millions of men surfing the web for dates.  Out of those millions of hopeful online daters, I would argue that less than one percent are putting themselves in the best possible position to meet women online successfully.


Why?  It isn’t that men are clueless or idiots (although there are definitely some strange characters out there!).  Most are actually good, nice guys. who are just looking for someone to love or spend quality time with.  Their lack of success isn’t a matter of not being good enough, it is simply a matter of not understanding how to attract women online.  Learning how to meet women online requires is easy once have the right knowledge at your disposal.  In this discussion I am going to discuss the top five reasons why most men fail at meeting women online, and how to you can avoid some of these pitfalls.

1.  You Suffer from Nice-Guy Disease

Allow me to clear up a misconception.  Women do love nice guys.  What they don’t love, are nice guys that appear to be pushovers, desperate, or overly eager.  Unfortunately, countless men accidentally come across this way on dating sites.


It is good to be a nice guy.  But the nice guys that really get the girls, are the nice guys who also have a little bit of an edge.  What does that mean?  It doesn’t mean to be a bad boy.  It means, show confidence when you are attempt to meet women online.  Have a backbone.  Don’t become a yes man.  Never write as if you are a woman’s biggest fan. Don’t over-compliment.  Stop declaring in your profile that you will make a woman feel like a queen.   You get the idea?  Being nice is a good thing, but let it come out naturally over time, don’t try to show it with your every word you write online.

2.  Your Photo Gallery Is Set Up All Wrong

Think only the best looking guys attract the best looking girls online?  Think again.  I can all but assure you that you don’t have to be above average in looks to meet the best looking women online.  How is this possible?  It’s all about telling the right visual story.


I’ll spare you the long and boring scientific explanation, but women are wired much differently than men.  Yes, looks play a role in attraction for women.  But a man’s personality traits and internal qualities play a much more critical role.  Women are naturally wired to feel an attraction towards men with alpha male qualities, confidence, leadership qualities, humor, and many others (I have found there are ten in total), the same way we are naturally wired to feel an attraction towards women with nice curves and a beautiful face.


The more you can tell a visual story in your photo gallery that highlights the personality traits that women are naturally attracted to, the less your looks will play a role in your overall success, pending you don’t look like a complete slob!  A great photo gallery should not only highlight qualities women are attracted to, but should also highlight many of your passions and interests, combining for the ultimate visual story.

3.  Attraction Killers

Attraction killers consist of anything that completely kills attraction when a woman comes across you online.  Whether this comes in the form of a picture that sends the wrong signals, an email that appears desperate, poor word choice, or a profile that wreaks of baggage, there are countless ways that men all over the Internet instantly kill any chance of sparking an attraction before they ever even get their foot in the door.


The truth of the matter is, if you are attempting to meet women online right now, there is a good chance you are unintentionally doing something to kill attraction at this very moment.  My best recommendation is to sign up for a free profile evaluation at the bottom of this page to get a feel for what you need to watch out for, or try to get a thorough education on how attraction works online.  Because one simple attraction killer, can easily destroy an otherwise perfect profile, photo gallery, and email.   Don’t let this happen to you.

4. You Have a Weak Link in the Chain

Perhaps what makes it so difficult to reach the highest peaks of success online is because there are so many moving parts.  When guys fail to meet women online, they often attribute it to women being shallow, or only caring about looks and money.  Sure, there are women like this, but it’s not the majority.


The truth is there are a lot of moving parts involved with your success.  But the main triad of success involves your photo-gallery, email writing, and profile writing.  If even one of these areas is a weak point, has an attraction killer, or doesn’t optimize itself to build high levels of attraction, the whole operation falls by the wayside.  I cannot stress this enough, there can be no weak links if you want to learn how to meet the highest quality women online.  With a weak point you may attract some women online, but you will never attract the creme of the crop.  Give each area the proper attention and education it deserves.

5.  You Are Just One of the Masses

Each and every week, women get hit on by dozens of men who ask the same boring small talk questions and have the same cliche profiles.  After a while, their eyes start to glaze over as they wish someone interesting would come along.  Well you need to let that someone be you!


If you want women to perk up and take notice, not only should you be tapping into qualities that women are instinctively attracted to through your writing and photo gallery, but you need to stand out from the pack, and wait for it… be interesting!  That’s right, you need to win over a woman’s interest through your personality when meeting women online.  This can and should come in many forms.


The most interesting men online write emails and profiles that are fun, playful, unique, interesting, engaging, and of course, show an understanding of women.  They create photo galleries that not only tap into attractive personality traits, but bait women into conversations by posting unique pictures that are fun to comment on.  I could go on and on with ways to gain a woman’s attention when learning how to meet women online, but the bottom line is this – you need to be interesting, otherwise you will just continue to blend in with the masses un-noticed.

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