Matchmakers in San Francisco

Why You Should Avoid Hiring Matchmakers in San Francisco: A Complete Cost Analysis

By Joshua Pompey





San Francisco is an incredible city.  It’s also an incredibly expensive city!


And you know what is also extremely expensive?  Hiring a professional matchmaker!  Did you know that Matchmakers in San Francisco, at a minimum, typically cost well over $5,000.  Some even run as high as $80,000!


But the question is, even if you have that kind of money to throw around, are matchmakers in San Fransisco actually worth the investment?  

Let’s break it down into simple economics.  Suppose you were to hire a “cheap” matchmaker for $5,000 and they retrieved 5 dates for you (most will set you up on 3 to 6 dates for a membership).


That amounts to somewhere in the ballpark of an astounding $1,000 per date.  If you already thought dating was stressful, imagine the pressure of going on a date where $1,000 is on the line?  Talk about pressure!  And let’s not even talk about the cost per date if you pay $10,000 or more!

To make things worse, often times you will be sitting across from someone who is on the date for free, with no financial incentive to make things work.  They may even be inwardly judging you for spending money on a matchmaking agency.


“But aren’t these Bay Area matchmakers pros?  Isn’t it worth the money if they know how to find the perfect matches?”  

It would be nice if matchmakers truly delivered on the types of dates they promise.  But the truth is, most matchmakers don’t exactly do a great job.


Just look at the matchmaking agency It’s Just Lunch as a prime example.  This is one of the biggest matchmaking companies in the world, and they settled a 60 million dollar lawsuit in 2018 for not providing quality dates to their clients.  If they were willing to settle on a lawsuit, just imagine how badly they wanted to avoid court.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much better when you spend 40-80 thousand of dollars on a matchmaker.   Some of the worst stories I’ve heard came from this price range.


In addition, even if matchmakers in San Francisco had the right matches on paper, dating is a numbers game.  You could go out with ten matches based on personality traits and commonalities, but you will never truly know if you are a match until you meet face to face.  A handful of dates just won’t cut it.


Are any San Francisco Matchmakers worth the money?

Here’s the best way you can answer this question.  As a little experiment, try to find one person in San Francisco this week that met through a professional matchmaker. In fact, take a month!  Then try to find people that met through online dating sites and compare results.

If I gave you an entire month to take off from work and track down couples that met through a matchmaker in the Bay Area, you might not find one person.  On the other hand, you’d probably need an excel sheet thousands of columns long for couples in San Francisco or the Bay area that met through an online dating site.

“So what is the best way to meet people?  I’m sick of online dating!”

After many years of hearing from people who’ve been ripped off by professional matchmakers, I figured there must be a way to take the outdated medium of matchmaking and modernize it to the 21st century.   This is how my company Next Evolution Matchmaking was born.


My agency combines traditional matchmaking with online dating, for a result that has landed my average client a relationship within approximately two months of using my service.  And if you’d like, I’d love the opportunity to help you find a relationship of your own.  To learn more about how I’ve been successful helping well rounded and successful people form meaningful relationships for over a decade, click here now.



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