Matchmakers for Millionaires

Matchmakers for Millionaires: 7 Troubling Methods Exposed

In this article Joshua Pompey exposes some of the more troubling methods that matchmakers for millionaires use. If you are thinking about investing in one, you may want to read this article first.

Matchmakers for millionares exposed

1. Millionaire matchmakers will say absolutely anything to sign you up

Matchmakers catering to millionaires don’t see you as just any ordinary person; they perceive you a prized ‘whale.’ In other words, signing you up would be a huge financial score. All these agencies need to do is reel in a few big fish a month and their cash flow is through the roof.

For this reason, they will say absolutely anything to get you to sign up for their services. “Oh, you want a fitness model 30 years younger, that cooks and watches sports all day? Yep, we got that!” “You want to meet a man who is wealthy, cleans all day, and rescues orphans on the weekend? No problem!” The reality is, these millionaire matchmakers will say absolutely anything to get you to hand over a credit card, regardless of how unattainable their promises might be.

2. They will bait and switch you

Not only will matchmaking agencies say anything to sign you up, but they will often show you or tell you about their database of “members.” These “members” are about as real as the medical professionals you see on a late night informercial for a health product. The strategy these matchmakers employ is simple: say anything and reel the client in, regardless of how many lies it takes to get to the finish line.

3. Millionaire matchmaking agencies will charge different prices for different clients

Here’s a dirty little secret they don’t want you to know – most clients pay a different price for the same membership benefits. First, the agencies will try to gauge how much disposable income you have. Once they get a strong sense of how tight or loose you are with your money, they will throw a price out based on what they think they can extract from you. While you are paying $15,000 for a membership, someone else might be paying $10,000 for the exact same benefits, while another person is paying $7,000.

4. Some millionaire matchmakers secretly hire dates

Imagine paying thousands of dollars for a date, only to find out that the person sitting across from you was secretly paid to go out with you? Sadly, this type of highly unethical behavior occurs when agencies want to meet a quota and wash their hands of a client.

5. Many will attempt to upsell you

Some matchmaking agencies will sign you up, then try to extract more money out of you down the road for an “upgraded membership,” falsely proclaiming that the upgraded membership will lead to better matches. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a continued effort to prey on your financial success.

6. The main objective of an agency will be to fill a quota

An agency might promise a certain number of dates per membership, but they won’t guarantee that these dates meet your standards or the filters you were promised prior to signing up (and almost universally, they do not). If a matchmaking agency has a quota of 5 dates, oftentimes they will set you up on any 5 dates they can find, irrespective of whether or not you would be compatible with these dates.

7. Some millionaire matchmakers will employ an NDA

Occasionally a matchmaking agency will offer a partial refund if you instill enough fear in them. However, this is often accompanied by a non disclosure agreement to help ensure their unethical behaviors are not made public. Most clients are willing to grit their teeth and sign this in order to cut their losses and salvage whatever they can from the initial investment.

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