Matchmakers For Women Over 60

Matchmakers For Women Over 60: Are They Worth The Money?

In This Article You Will Learn Why Matchmakers for Women Over 60 Are Almost Always A Bad Investment

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

If you are divorced, widowed, or recently got out of a longterm relationship, you may want to think twice before you even consider hiring a matchmaker for women over 60.   


When you’re over the age of 60, just the mere thought of getting back into the dating game can be completely overwhelming, not to mention absolutely terrifying!  This is especially true for those of you who are recently divorced or have had the unfortunate experience of becoming a widow at far too young of an age.  To those of you who fall into either category, my heart goes out to you.


As scary as this new chapter can be, nobody deserves to walk through life alone.  Companionship is a fundamental human need for any man or woman.


This raises the question, where is the best place to meet someone if you are a woman over 60?  You certainly aren’t going to be lurking around bars or clubs looking for men at this juncture in your life!


If you are reading this webpage, odds are you decided to look into the prospect of hiring a matchmaker for women over 60 to help you through this process.  Why not, right?  Who wouldn’t want a professional matchmaker to find them love and make the scary prospect of dating that much easier?


Here’s the thing though.  Traditional matchmakers usually don’t work.  They especially don’t work for women over the age of 60.


For starters, the men in their databases who are within your age range (55 to late 60’s) are paying thousands of dollars for a membership.  Due to the high membership fees, these men suddenly feel that they are entitled to be matched with beautiful women who are 20 years younger.   Throwing money into the equation changes everything.


So what winds up happening?  After you invest your hard earned money because you were promised great guys, the guys who should be matches in an ordinary situation, are only interested in indulging in a fantasy.   This is why matchmakers almost always fail, especially with women in your age range.


To add to the problematic nature of matchmaking services, most matchmakers will provide 1 date every month or 2 at best, despite the promises they might make prior to signing you up.  Why?  Because they don’t actually have the matches they originally promised.  Feeling betrayed and scammed?  Too bad.  All sales are final!  That’s the dirty truth of the industry.


Unfortunately, I’ve met more incredible women than I can count who wound up getting scammed by matchmakers who preyed on their situation.


And now for the million dollar question, so where is the best place to meet a quality guy with realistic expectations?  This answer may surprise you, but these days online dating sites are filled with quality men.  This is your best outlet for meeting a great guy within your age range.


For those of you have already tried online dating and haven’t had success, I have partnered up more women over the age of 60 than I can count over the past decade.  The key is knowing which sites to join, how to perform highly targeted searches, and knowing how to craft a profile and write emails that ignite interest.


This is why my revolutionary service here at Next Evolution Matchmaking has been so successful at finding relationships for women over 60.  We specialize in marrying traditional matchmaking methods with the modern world of online dating, to create a matchmaking experience that actually works.   Click below to learn more about how we help you to find the happiness you deserve.

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