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Matchmakers in Boston: Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

matchmakers in Boston

1. Membership fees for Boston Matchmakers often fluctuate depending on your financial status

If you earn $1,000,000 a year and tip your hand, you will almost certainly be charged significantly more for a membership than someone who is earning $200,000 a year. Matchmakers in Boston will ask you a wide range of questions about your career under the pretext of getting to know you. In reality, they are fishing for information to assess how much you are willing to pay for their service.

2. There is no financial incentive to work hard

The financial incentives for a matchmaking agency to work diligently are lacking because the industry is not performance-based. Refunds are not offered once you sign the contract. This taps into basic human psychology: when you pay someone in full for a job upfront, there’s little motivation for them to put in their best effort afterward. As a result, most matchmakers make only half-hearted attempts to fulfill their obligations and then quickly sever ties with the client.

3. Boston matchmakers have deceptive tactics for signing up

Boston matchmaking agencies may promise the world, but the reality is that very few people sign up for matchmakers these days. Their databases are mostly barren, and they often can’t actually provide what you are looking for, regardless of what they tell you. Consider this: how many people do you know that have ever used a matchmaker in their life? The answer to this question will provide valuable insight into the practicality of these services.

4. Matchmakers have often failed to find love in their own lives

I hate to say this, but speaking bluntly, most matchmakers I’ve met in real life are complete messes with their own love lives. The first requirement for a matchmaker should be success in one’s own relationships before claiming the ability to help others, especially if they are charging huge sums of money! If I’m going to hire someone to train me as a chef or in martial arts for a significant amount of money, that person should be a highly skilled cook or a black belt! Why should matchmakers be any different?

5. Matchmakers are often sued for their wrongdoings

Look no further than It’s Just Lunch, one of the biggest matchmaking companies in the world. Back in 2019, they settled a class-action lawsuit that was upwards of 60 million dollars for failing to provide the services that they promise. Matchmakers being sued for these types of practices happens much more than you might think; they are just very crafty at keeping these lawsuits under the radar.

6. Contact with your matchmaker will be extremely limited

Before you commit to their services and make the payment, matchmakers will be readily available to take your calls and respond to emails. However, this dynamic changes significantly after you become a member. Many former clients of matchmaking services share stories of matchmakers pulling a complete 180 once they secure your membership – providing poor client services, dodging phone calls, and becoming nearly impossible to reach for a conversation. They do this in the hopes that if they ignore you long enough, eventually you’ll run out of energy and accepting defeat.

7. Boston matchmakers often recruit straight from online dating apps

Imagine paying a Boston matchmaker thousands of dollars per date, when you could find those same matches on a dating app for $30 per month? The reality is, matchmakers in Boston often recruit people straight from online dating apps. Why? Because that’s where just about all single men and women are these days, so they go straight to the source!

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