Next Evolution Matchmaking Seeks to Destroy Traditional Matchmaking

Next Evolution Matchmaking Seeks To Destroy Traditional Matchmaking

Founder of Next Evolution Matchmaking - Joshua Pompey

Founder of Next Evolution Matchmaking – Joshua Pompey

The art of matchmaking is a tradition as old as time. For many singles walking through life, friends, family, and co-workers are often relied upon to assist in the matchmaking process. Others take more extreme approaches, spending upwards of fifty thousand dollars on high-end matchmakers in the hopes of finding that one true love.

But one company has a new business model that is revolutionizing the traditional process of matchmaking.

Meet Joshua Pompey, founder and Director of Operations at Next Evolution Matchmaking. Having been featured on Good Morning America, CNBC, and hundreds of other media outlets, Joshua has been widely recognized around the world for his talents at helping men and women to find love online.

These days Joshua receives hundreds of emails, dozens of phone numbers, and multiple dates every single week. He’s charming, funny, knows the right buttons to push, and can peak the interest of just about any single man or women online.

There’s just one small catch. The phone numbers and dates are not for him. They are for successful professionals that have opted into his exclusive VIP service.

That’s right. Joshua Pompey and his team at Next Evolution Matchmaking are hired guns in the online dating world, serving as surrogate matchmakers for those who wish to find love. For years men and women in New York City have paid Joshua thousands of dollars to log onto their online dating accounts, perform searches, craft emails, and line up high quality dates.

After a two year period of increasing demand from clients who have come straight to Joshua after being burned by high-end traditional matchmakers, Joshua Pompey and NEM seek to put an end to traditional matchmaking services forever.

“For several years busy and successful professionals have come to me with stories of deceit, feeling scammed, and complete dissatisfaction. Traditional matchmaking services are taking upwards of $50,000 from those looking for love, and often times providing less than a handful of dates that are nowhere near the types of matches they were promised when signing up,” says NEM founder Joshua Pompey.

According to Joshua, most NEM clients are completely capable of finding dates on their own; they simply don’t have the time or desire to spend hours every week searching for dates. They prefer to live their lives, let Joshua and his assistants take care of the tedious aspects of online dating, then reap the benefits once matches are found.

A career woman from California, who prefers to remain anonymous, couldn’t be happier with the service. “Not only was I burnt badly by a ‘high end’ matchmaker’ who provided 3 nightmarish dates in six months, but I was blamed for being too difficult when complaining that my matches were in no way what I asked for. To make matters worse, I was also forced to drive an hour or more to meet them. Since working with Joshua, I have had more quality dates and potential to find love in one month than I had in six months prior.”

But hiring an online dating matchmaker is not exclusively for those looking to escape matchmaking. Millions of online daters struggle with the often difficult and tedious nature of the medium.

For Howard from Astoria Queens, the decision to hire Joshua was a no brainer.

“When I signed up for online dating, I was spending hours every night writing emails and having almost no success. The idea of having one of the best experts in the world working exclusively for me sounded too good to pass up. Since then my dating life is beyond anything I could have asked for.”

But not all are thrilled with the idea of online assistants. Some question the morality of pretending to be someone else. Alex Jacobs of Rahway, New Jersey was quick to point out, “This is what gives online dating a bad reputation. With all the ‘catfishing’ occurring these days, this only adds to the fears people already have of being deceived. How would a guy feel if he knew he was really talking to another guy?”

Despite the critics, Joshua and NEM firmly stand behind what they do and have no intention of slowing down this rapidly growing service. As Joshua Pompey declares, “I make every effort to study the writing habits and personality traits of my clients through extensive research and conversations prior to the process. The emails I write are an accurate representation of exactly who my clients are and nobody is being deceived by a false personality… Matchmakers often charge fifteen to fifty thousand dollars for just three dates. I provide more dates, better dates, and intimate customer service for a fraction of the price, often resulting in long term relationships are marriage.”

As Joshua goes on to argue, “In a busy world where people hire help for everything, ranging from shopping, to cleaning, to secretarial work, why not hire a professional for their dating life as well? Traditional matchmaking is an out-dated medium that no longer works and needs to end. At the end of the day, isn’t finding love what life is all about?”

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