Next Evolution Matchmaking In Review

Next Evolution Matchmaking In Review

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

Joshua Pompey here, founder and President of Next Evolution Matchmaking.  I have to say, I couldn’t be happier with the results of this past year.  We’ve had exceptional growth, have created so many incredible relationships, and things are looking brighter than ever.   However, there is always room for improvement!  Today I’d like to review Next Evolution Matchmaking’s past year and discuss some changes that I plan to implement going forward.


Next Evolution Matchmaking Review:  The Positives


Overall, things have been a tremendous success.  Our workforce has expanded, meaningful connections are being formed at a rapid pace, and client satisfaction is as high as ever.


We have also managed to find our clients a long term relationship in an average of approximately 2 months.  This is a statistic that we are striving our hardest to maintain each and every day.


Perhaps best of all, this past year a multitude of former clients have informed us that they are engaged to be married.  Here’s hoping we can shatter that number in the year to come!


Planned Improvements Going Forward


While we have had a whole lot of success this year, we do plan on making a few adjustments to make the process even more successful for our clients.


We will encourage clients to favorite profiles they like


With this service we take over the entire searching process for our clients.  The ability for our clients to favorite users that they would like us to message has always been optional, and will continue to remain optional.  However, we have found over the years that when clients line up who they want us to message, we are able to hone in on exactly what they want even better.  This is something we will encourage more of going forward.


We will attempt to move from emails to phone numbers much quicker


With each year that goes by in the online dating world, the emailing portion of the process seems to move quicker and quicker.  Most online daters want to get to a phone number and see if there is face to face chemistry as fast as possible.  We will continue to ignite engaging conversations on a daily basis, but once we have a potential match on the hook, ideally we would like to transition to a phone number exchange sooner, rather than later.


Next Evolution Matchmaking will review potential clients much more carefully


Truth be told, almost all the clients we take on are extremely kind, well-rounded, and interesting people.  But every now and then, we get someone with hyper inflated expectations who demonstrates very poor morality.  While we’d love to take on clients who are more of a challenge in theory, our spots are limited and we’d prefer to exclusively focus on the most deserving and kind men and women out there.


We will encourage more use of professional photographers


When we first started this service, we didn’t recommend photographers.  Over the years we’ve realized that our clients who used professional photographers almost always had superior results.  If you are going to invest in a service as important as this one, you might as well go all the way with the photos and hire a pro.  This is something we will really emphasize in the future.


Are you thinking about applying?


Keep in mind that when you hire us as your personal online dating assistant, you are the boss.  The opinions above are all just strong recommendations, but at the end of the day, you have final say in how we manage your online dating account and any actions you take on your own.  If you’d like to learn more how the process works, you can visit this link.


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