5 Reasons You Need An Online Dating Assistant

5 Reasons You Need An Online Dating Assistant

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

 In this article you will learn:

  • What an online dating assistant is.
  • The multitude of benefits an online dating assistant can bring to your life.
  • How you can hire an online dating assistant of your own.


If you’ve never heard the term online dating assistant before, have no fear, you aren’t living under a rock.  It’s a relatively new niche, that quite frankly, our company has helped to pioneer over the past 5 years.

An online dating assistant is exactly what it sounds like.  When you hire an online dating assistant, you are essentially hiring your very own professional to handle all aspects of your online dating life.  Suppose you sign up for Match.com. Your assistant will log onto your Match account every day, write all your emails, and line up quality dates for you week after week.  Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Let’s a dig a little deeper and examine all the reasons you should hire an online dating assistant of your own.


Online Dating Is A Full Time Job


For those of you who have already tried online dating, you are probably well aware of just how time consuming it can be.  The act of performing targeted searches and writing engaging emails every day is a full time job in itself, not to mention all the horrific profiles you need to sort though just to get to the emails worth responding to.


An online dating assistant will take those tedious tasks out of your hand.  All you have to do is go on all the great dates that our professionals line up for you.


You Have Better Things To Be Doing


Are you a successful professional?  Do you have a lot of interests?  Do you enjoy spending your free time with friends and family?  Every minute you spend staring at a screen is a minute you could be using to better yourself or enhance your relationships with others.  Instead, let us take care of the the process for you.  You deserve it!  When the great potential matches start flooding into your inbox, we will let you know.


Online Dating Has A Big Learning Curve


I have no doubt that I can teach anyone walking this earth to become enormously successful at online dating.  But like most worthwhile things in life, there will be a learning curve that takes time and practice.  Online dating requires a unique skillset that took our experts years to master.  Having an online dating assistant working for you is like having a VIP pass straight to the front of the happy relationship line.


Professionals Are Professionals For A Reason


What makes us professionals?  We have years of experience.  I’ve personally been helping online daters for a decade, have written thousands of profiles, and log into the accounts of men and women every day of my life.  This allows me to provide coaching, insight, and results on a level that most people will never be able to achieve.


An Online Dating Assistant Can Add Years Of Happiness To Your Life


At the time of this article being published, more than 1 in 5 relationships start online.  But what they don’t tell you on those Match.Com commercials is that a whole lot of people find themselves on and off dating sites for years before finding happiness, or wind up quitting altogether.

Often times the highest quality singles are the ones who have the least amount of success and quit.  Why?  They just don’t have the time to dedicate themselves to the process in a way that will yield meaningful results.  With a professional at your side, you will be ensured that this never happens to you.


How Do You Hire Your Own Online Dating Assistant?


If you would like to hire a professional of your own, we’d be happy to help you.  In fact, our clients have found long term relationships within an average of 2 months.  To learn more about how our process works, click here now.   Or click here to apply for a spot.

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