Are Professional Matchmakers Worth The Money

Are Professional Matchmakers Worth The Money?

An Honest And Logical Response

Hiring a professional matchmaker is a huge financial commitment. 

In this article Joshua Pompey shares his insight as to whether or not you should go down this path.  

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey


It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of professional matchmakers.  Browse around the Internet and I haven’t had many nice things to say about them.  In fact, my frustrations with professional matchmakers are a large part of why I started this company to begin with.


But I’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not you should hire one.  In this article I’m going to give you my honest response to the question, “Are professional matchmakers worth the money?”  I’ll provide the insight based on my experiences and you can make the call.


The Cost Of Your Dates


Realistically, a professional matchmaker will provide you between 3 and 6 dates over the course of 6 months.  This information is based on my discussions with several dozen people who used a traditional matchmaker at some point in their life.


Suppose that number falls more to the low end of the spectrum.  Professional matchmakers often charge thousands of dollars for a membership.  If your membership is $5,000 and you receive 3 dates, then you are paying $1,666 per date.


Suppose you found a really cheap matchmaker (Which I’d recommend even less!) for $3000 dollars.  Each date would be $1000.  Now you tell me, does that sound worth it to you?


Sadly, most matchmakers charge well over $5,000 for a membership.


The 5 Biggest Lies Matchmakers Tell Their Clients


Your Odds Of Being A Success Story


Here’s the thing.  You may be shown pictures of success stories when you sign up.  You may also see testimonials on the companies website.  Perhaps even videos of a happy couple.  But how do you know that these are real testimonials and real couples?  Anyone can make up anything in this day and age.


I have testimonials posted on this site which are completely real and I encourage you to read them, but let’s be honest, there isn’t really any way you could verify these right?  I just have to hope you trust me based on the reputation of my work in the industry and my company.


So the real question comes down to this: How many people in your entire life have you ever known who met through a professional matchmaker?  Have any of your friends met this way?  Have any of your friends friends met this way?  How about your friends, friends, friends, friends?


If I were to give you 8 hours to roam a large city to try to find someone who met through a matchmaker, do you think you’d accomplish the task?  If the answer is no, what does that tell you about professional matchmakers and whether or not they are worth the money?  When a service works well, you will inevitably meet people who found success through that service.


The Quality Of The Dates


Sure this is going off of the word of others, but over the past 10 years I have had dozens of men and women tell me that they were completely conned into the fact that their dates would be genuine matches.


From their perspective the dates rarely looked or matched up to anything like what they were promised.  One women in particular even expressed that being the same religion was her most important priority, and was then put on a date with someone of the opposite religion!  And she paid over $15,000 for this service.


Others insisted that they were being set up with people who were recruited from online dating sites or local bars.  While they were paying thousands of dollars for their dates, the men and women sitting across from them had zero financial investment in the process and were possibly even being paid to be there.


Think that’s bad?  Several former matchmaking recruiters told me off the record that most of these companies don’t actually have any matches for their clients.  They gage how much money they can sign them up for, make a bunch of promises, than create dates with whomever they could find.


So once again, you tell me, does that sound worth it?


So What Is Worth Your Time And Money?


As I said at the very beginning of this article, it’s no secret that I’m not shy about expressing my disdain for professional matchmakers.  I’ve met with too many innocent victims over the years to keep quiet on the industry.


My goal is to either be the solution to those who have been burnt by matchmakers in the past, or to dissuade people who are thinking of wasting money on a professional matchmaker.  This is my mission regardless of whether or not you ever decide to use my services.


But what I can say with complete honesty is that if you don’t know anybody in your social circles to be set up with, your best chance of finding a quality partner is on an online dating site.  For those of you who have had a less than desirable experience with online dating in the past, or are skeptical about trying it, you may be surprised to hear me make this claim, but it’s true.


These days there are so many high quality singles online to choose from once you put the right process into place, and with my unique approach that combines traditional matchmaking with the modern world of online dating, I have managed to find my clients quality relationships in an average of 2 months.


Now is that something that finally seems more worth it to you?   I thought so!


How does the process work?  I’d like to invite you to learn about my process and why it is so successful by clicking here now…

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