The 10 Best Dating Photos for Guys: Backed By A Decade of Data

By Joshua Pompey, online dating coach & expert since 2009.

best dating photos for guys

Women may not be quite as visual as men when it comes to how they experience attraction, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about our photos. With all the competition on dating APPS, it’s critical to curate a photo gallery that instantly ignites interest and sparks attraction.

The good news is, we don’t have to be blessed with perfect looks to create an extremely attractive photo gallery. But we do need to have the right collection of photos, tapping into various internal qualities that women are instinctively attracted to. After helping men and women all over the world with online dating for over a decade, I’ve found that certain types of photos are exponentially more conducive towards attracting women online than others.

Below are the 10 best dating photos for guys, based on over a decade of data.

1. The travel photo

dating app travel photos for guys

Sure, just about everyone on dating APPS posts a travel photo. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely effective. Travel photos reveal to women that you are worldly and have a curiosity about the world. They communicate that a life with you won’t be monotonous or get boring. There will always be new experiences around the corner.

2. The adventure photo

dating app adventure photos for guys

A travel picture could technically double as an adventure photo. But if you happen to have any truly adventurous pictures (climbing mountains, skydiving, white water rafting), be sure to post them! These make for some of the best online dating photos for guys because they are both fun, and reveal alpha male qualities as well.

3. The classy photo

classy best dating photos for guys

Remember that annoying wedding you went to, looking all smooth in that fancy suit? Dig up those photos. These types of pictures not only reveal what you look like at your best self, but also demonstrate to women that you are the type of guy they can take to an important event or bring around their friends without having to worry about whether or not you can dress yourself. The classy photo also communicates the image of a man who is successful and confident, both alpha male qualities.

4. The friends photo

dating photos for guys with friends

Who you hang out with says a lot about who you are as a person. Women want to know that your crew doesn’t look like reject extras from the Revenge of the Nerds cast (I know I’m really dating myself with this reference!). Try to post a photo hanging out with friends where you are just having a great time. This communicates social value, that people enjoy being around you, and gives off positive energy. As a general rule, you should aim to be the focal point of the picture and looking like the alpha of the group, as opposed to someone lurking in the background.

5. The active photo

active dating photos for guys

Any picture that depicts you in some type of physical activity is a huge positive. Whether you are a marathon runner, a tennis player, or just enjoy a low intensity hike through the woods, make sure you get a photo showing your active side. On a subconscious level, women are instinctively wired to seek out men who are protectors that have longevity. Being active and health conscious communicates these attributes. On a more basic level, active photos communicate that you are not the type of guy who binge watches Netflix all day and night with no concern for your health.

6. The Conversation Starting Photo

dating app photos for guys conversation starters

Many of the best online dating photos for guys that I’ve ever seen are instant conversation starters. Maybe you have an insane picture on stage with a DJ at a festival. Maybe you are ice-picking your way through a glacier in Iceland. Or maybe you met a bad-ass celebrity that people love. These aren’t always the easiest photos to take or find, but if you can retrieve one or more, they are outstanding for igniting conversations.

7. The dog photo

best dating photos for guys with dog pictures

This once again falls into the category of cliche, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective! Most women love dogs, plain and simple. These photos make for great conversation starters, especially if the woman viewing your profile also owns a dog. As an added bonus, these photos communicate that you are responsible and have protector qualities.

8. The impressive skill photo

best dating photos for guys playing guitar

Do you play guitar? Are you an expert at woodworking? Are you a great cook? From an attraction standpoint, being skilled at something reveals that you can commit to something, are a hard worker, and have a sense of dedication. On a more basic level, being skilled at something is simply impressive!

9. The family photo

best dating app pictures for men

Women are nurturers by nature and are instinctively wired to gravitate towards men who are family-oriented. Family pictures reveal that you are loyal, a protector, and dedicated to the ones you love.

10. The laugh out loud picture

best dating app pictures for making women laugh

We’ve all taken photos at points in our life that instantly made us laugh. See if you could find one of these for your dating profile. Making women laugh on dating sites breaks the monotony of online dating, providing instant feelings of happiness. On an attraction building level, it communicates that you are the type of guy who is fun to be around and won’t make for a boring first date.

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