5 Reasons Our Virtual Dating Assistants Are The Best In the Business

virtual dating assistants

These days you can hire anyone to do just about anything for you. So why not online dating? By hiring a virtual dating assistant, you can bypass all the time consuming aspects of online dating that often feel like a full time job, and simply enjoy the high quality dates that are sent your way.

With that said, choosing the right virtual online dating assistant is critical to your success. At the risk of being a bit self-promotional, below are 5 reasons why you should strongly consider entrusting our online dating virtual assistants with the task.

1. All our online dating virtual assistants are trained by Joshua Pompey

Our company (Next Evolution Matchmaking) is founded by online dating expert Joshua Pompey. Often referred to in the media as “the world’s best online dater,” and featured on hundreds of media outlets (Including CNBC and Good Morning America), Joshua has been recognized globally for his ability to help men and women form meaningful connections online.

Each member of our staff is personally trained by Joshua Pompey in order to ensure that our professionals are the best in the business. Staff members are never outsourced, with the focus on quality over quantity for our clients. In addition, Joshua does not limit himself to overseeing the business operations. He works works as a virtual assistant as well, with his own personal rotation of clients.

2. The hiring requirements for our virtual dating assistants are extensive

Each member of our staff is required to have a Master’s Degree with a writing background, a minimum of one year’s online dating experience, and six months of training prior to handling a client’s account. When you invest in our virtual dating assistants, you can rest assured that you are investing in the most qualified professionals in the business, equipped to masterfully handle any situation with both professionalism, and the extensive knowledge required to achieve great success on your behalf. In addition, we have been doing this for close to 15 years, giving us endless amounts of experience and data to work off of.

3. We focus on quality over quantity

While some companies outsource their employees and focus on quantity over quality, we place the priority on quality. So much so that founder Joshua Pompey turned down an appearance on Shark Tank several years ago. Why? Simple. We didn’t want to scale into an enormous company and lessen the quality of our services in the process. Our team consists of less than 15 employees that never take on more than a handful of clients at a time, in order to ensure maximum attention and dedication to each client.

4. We don’t take shortcuts

Other virtual dating assistant companies spam out copy and pasted messages on behalf of their clients. This is transparent to the person on the receiving end and far from the most effective approach. Here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, we know that the way to truly win over the attention of others on dating sites and APPS is to craft unique messages that are specifically targeted to the individual. With over ten years of data to work off of, our dating assistants know how to analyze a profile and figure out the most optimal message to send based on the age, demographic, and personality of the profile in question.

5. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Over the past decade we have maintained a stellar reputation in the field and have no intentions of letting that reputation slip. Browse around the Internet and you will find nothing but positive words in regards to this service and founder Joshua Pompey. But perhaps most importantly, our average client has found success in an average of 2 months into their memberships, something that we work our hardest to maintain every single day.

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