Best Matchmakers for Men

Are The “Best Matchmakers for Men” A Scam?

5 Reasons You Should Reconsider

In this article you will learn why even the best matchmakers for men will leave you broke, angry, single

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

Being single and successful isn’t always easy. Sure, having extra money and working your way up to a high social standing is supposed to attract a whole lot of women.

But by the time you are finished with work obligations, not to mention friends and family, the more successful you are, the harder it can be to find a meaningful relationship.

This is where many of you might be tempted to research some of the “best matchmakers for men.” Sounds like a can’t miss right? You invest your hard earned money as the best matchmakers in the world find you women who are perfect matches. A win win for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, life isn’t always so simple and even companies who have reputations as the best matchmakers for men, may just wind up leaving you feeling angry, ripped off, and scammed. So before you go down this road, allow me to share why you may want to steer clear of this path.

1. The women you desire may not be realistic for a matchmaker

If you are spending thousands of dollars, there’s no doubt you are expecting the highest quality women. Perhaps you prefer a woman 10 years younger who falls into the top 10 percent in the looks department. You deserve to be a little choosey after all your success right?

But here’s the problem. Most of the female members who pay for matchmaking services want men that are their age or slightly older. And rarely will they measure up to the appearance you desire. That’s not to say most of these women aren’t great people, inside and out. But they are often far off from what you expect.

2. You won’t receive many dates

Most matchmakers will preach quality over quality when they provide you with 3-5 dates over the course of several months. The truth is, they just don’t have enough women to set you up with. When you complain, they usually provide an endless list of excuses with the promise of being on the verge of finding someone.

The reality? They are just stalling and hoping you will eventually cut your losses and leave them alone.


3. Many of your dates will not be paying members of agency you belong to

Since even the best matchmakers have trouble finding the type of women that you paid to meet, they usually send staff members to recruit dates from local establishments in your area and sometimes even online dating sites.

You might be thinking, so what? If they find me a beautiful woman on the street who is exactly what I’m looking for, what’s the problem?

The problem with this is that you are paying thousands of dollars for this date, while the other person has no financial incentive to care. Plus she knows you are paying for the service, which lowers your value in her mind, or tells her you are someone that has a lot of money which creates a whole different set of problems.

If you are paying 10,000 dollars and receive 5 dates total from your matchmakers, each date costs $2,000 as the other person sits there on a free date. This is not a recipe for success.

4. Even the best matchmakers are known to hire ringers

Over the years I’ve had multiple matchmakers confess that the companies they worked for sometimes pay people to go on dates with their clients. This is their method for keeping unhappy male clients quiet when they can’t find dates.

On the other end of the spectrum, several of my own clients from Next Evolution Matchmaking (a form of matchmaking that actually works!), have told me that they either found out, or strongly believed they were on dates with people who worked for the agency they hired. Although I can’t back this up with evidence, it’s interesting information nonetheless that some seem to be running this scam.

5. Matchmakers just don’t mesh with the modern world

When you really think about the world we live in, what role do matchmakers really play in forming relationships? I sure know that I’ve never known anybody who found a relationship this way. And I’m pretty sure none of my friends do either.

The reality is, it’s an outdated medium that doesn’t have much place in today’s world. For better or worse, the quality singles these days are all online, which is where you will be best off finding love.

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