In this article you will learn why matchmakers for women over 40 are destined to fail

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

Meet Jamie.  Jamie is a 45 year old woman who is fun, successful, driven, and has a strong passion for life.  She’s also caring, family-oriented, and puts everything into relationships when she meets the right person. There’s only one problem.  Jamie can’t seem to find a relationship because she is so busy with her day to day responsibilities.

After some thinking, she decides to invest in a traditional matchmaker as the solution to her dating dilemma.  After researching the best matchmakers and going through a brief interview in which she is promised a wide array of quality matches, she is filled with excitement.  How could this fail?   Fast forward a year later and Jamie is anything but excited about the future. After an entire year of almost no dates, poor matches, and false promises by her matchmaker, she walks away from the experience frustrated, angry, and feeling completely scammed.

Unfortunately, Jamie is far from alone.  She is represents countless women I have encountered over the years that have had the exact same experience with “professional matchmakers.”   But the question is, why does this happen with nearly every woman who signs up for a professional matchmaker?  Especially for women over 40.   Because the truth of the matter is, matchmakers for women over 40 are setting their clients up to fail from the very 1st day.  And today I am going to examine 3 reasons why.

The Inflated Expectations

Did you know that traditional matchmakers charge anywhere from a few thousand dollars, to fifty thousand dollars a month?  Not only is this an absurd amount of money for the insanely small amount of dates clients receive (more on this later),  but when men are paying thousands of dollars for a matchmaker, suddenly their expectations are heightened to a completely unrealistic level.

Prior to hiring a traditional matchmaker, most of these men would have absolutely loved to meet a smart, well-rounded, and successful women within 5 years of their age.  But now that all this money is on the line, suddenly the outrageous fee creates a sense of entitlement that they just “paid for the perfect woman” and “deserve” dates with women who are 15 years younger and drop dead gorgeous.

Of course this notion is ridiculous, as the purpose of matchmaking is to find love and compatibility, not a perfect 10 model.   But try telling that to the man who just shelled out 10,000 dollars and now thinks he is entitled to get whatever he wants from his matchmaker.  The point is, men who would normally be your matches under ordinary circumstances, think drastically different once these heightened expectations are in play.

You Won’t Receive Enough Dates to Make Success Likely

Anyone who has ever dated consistently knows that dating is a numbers game.  You can seem like a fantastic match on paper, but until you meet in person, you will never know if there is any chemistry.  Unfortunately, most matchmakers only provide 3-5 dates over the course of a year, despite what you are promised upfront.

How do I know this?  Because I’ve talked with close to 200 women (almost all were over 40) that have been burned by matchmakers over the years. Think about how much money that is per date if you are paying a matchmaker thousands of dollars!

Why the shortage of dates?   Because their simply aren’t enough members in the data base to match clients up with.  Very few people are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a matchmaker, and to be perfectly honest, very few people even consider the possibility.  It is a very outdated method of meeting people in the technology driven world we now live in.

The Common Sense Factor

Let’s play a game.  Think of all the people you’ve ever known in your life who got married through a traditional matchmaker.  Co-workers, friends, family members, friends of friends, friends of family members, etc.  Okay ready?  Go…

Now how many people did that add up to?  Is it safe to say that number is probably zero.  I’d like you to just process that for a minute before you invest your hard earned money in hiring a matchmaker.  If you have never even known 1 person in any way, shape, or form that has found love through a traditional matchmaker, how relevant in today’s dating world can they really be?   That answer should speak volumes about their ability to help you find love.

Here’s The Real Way To Find Love And Success…

As you can tell, I don’t exactly have a kind relationship with the process of “traditional matchmaking.”  Being in the relationship and online dating industry since 2009 has put me in contact with way too many women who have been burnt by the process, as well as many matchmakers who had questionable motives at best.   It has been my goal, and remains my goal to expose this industry and provide women with a better path for finding love.

The truth is, if you are a woman over 40, or any age for that matter, you are almost certainly going to throw out your hard earned money if you go the route of a traditional matchmaker or services such as “It’s Just Lunch.”  These days the quality singles are all found online, and with my modern spin on matchmaking, bringing traditional matchmaking to the online dating world, we have found busy, successful, and well-rounded women relationships in an average time period of approximately 2 months.  That’s right, two months!

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