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7 Reasons Matchmakers in Los Angeles Will Leave You Broke and Alone

In this article Joshua Pompey examines why hiring “the best matchmakers in Los Angeles” could be the worst investment you will ever make.

The best Los Angeles matchmakers leaving you alone and single

Los Angeles, the city of dreams, right? Well, except maybe for when it comes to finding relationships. If you find yourself living in LA long enough, you are well aware just had tough it can be to find a quality partner that is ready to settle down.

If you’ve had a tough time finding a long lasting relationship, you might have considered the notion of enlisting a professional matchmaker to assist you. However, before you proceed in the direction of this massive investment, it’s crucial to learn why even the so-called “best matchmakers in Los Angeles” are an investment that will leave you single and feeling as if you have been taken advantage of.

1. Matchmaking has lost its relevance in today’s technology driven dating world.

technology driven world

Let’s conduct a quick test to see how effective matchmakers in Los Angeles are at finding people relationships. Do you personally know anyone who has ever found love through a matchmaker? Maybe a friend, or even, a friend of a friend?

Ask hundreds of people this question and you will likely have a hard time finding even one person that knows someone who met through a matchmaker. And that pretty much sums up how relevant matchmakers in Los Angeles are these days. The truth is, we live in a technology driven world where almost everyone, including the highest quality men and women, are meeting through dating apps these days.

2. Matchmakers have an extremely limited & flawed dating pool

The wrong type of people are typically lured in by matchmakers.

If you believe that an best matchmakers in Los Angeles will provide you with a revolving database of matches who are fun, kind, and successful, think again. The reality is, very few people actually sign up for matchmakers in this day and age, so their database of clients is typically razor-thin. This leads to a limited pool of high-quality partners for these agencies to set you up with.

In fact, most of their databases are filled with people who are far from being relationship material (womanizers, individuals with emotional baggage, those with Peter Pan syndrome, gold-diggers, etc.). It’s important to recognize that despite the claims of exclusivity made by most high-end Los Angeles matchmakers, most (if not all) just pretend to be exclusive. Their primary focus is to secure anybody who has a credit card and is willing to pay their enormous fees.

3. Los Angeles matchmakers are notorious for charging an exorbitant amount per date

Being ripped off by Los Angeles matchmakers

Are you aware that in Los Angeles, matchmaking services that claim to be the best are known for demanding $10,000 to enroll, with some charging as much as $200,000? Even worse, this astronomical price tag only guarantees you a handful of dates (typically 3-6).

But it gets worse. Let’s assume you pay a matchmaker $10,000? That amounts to approximately $2000 a date! But it still gets worse. Dating is a numbers game. Even if these matchmakers did have the types of great matches they promise prior to signing you up (which they almost certainly won’t), 5 dates at $2000 dollars a pop (or more) does not even remotely guarantee that you will find anything resembling a meaningful connection.

4. The outrageous fees lead to unavoidable conflicts

Failed dates from Los Angeles matchmakers

Are you a woman hiring a matchmaker to find you a man in a similar age range, with similar levels of success? Well, that same man is thinking to himself, “I just gave that matchmaker tens of thousands of dollars, so I’m going to demand a woman who is 20 years younger with the looks of a model.”

Are you man looking for a woman who possesses intelligence, loves to have fun, and easy to get along with? Well, the person you’re set up with by the matchmaking agency may have been recruited for free, whose only intentions are to either get a free meal or meet someone wealthy.

What’s the common theme? The high costs of matchmakers lead to inherent and unavoidable conflicts, which are far from limited to the two examples above.

5. The online reviews speak for themselves

Reviews for matchmakers often tell the full story

Over the past decade, I have had numerous conversations with individuals who have unfortunately fallen victim to the “best matchmakers in Los Angeles.” These conversations have shed light on a wide range of complaints, including deceptive sales tactics, false promises, an alarmingly small number of dates provided, dodging calls and emails, and various other concerning issues.

If you were to perform a search online for “matchmaker reviews” or “matchmaker scams,” you’ll discover firsthand the sheer volume of people who have had horrific experiences with matchmaking agencies. The prevailing negativity surrounding these services is a clear reflection of the industry as a whole. It is very predatory and is only concerned with one thing – obtaining your money.

6. Matchmakers in Los Angeles have been known to force clients into signing NDA’S

Signing a non disclosure agreement

Over the years I’ve met with many people who were scammed significant amounts by these alleged “best matchmakers in Los Angeles,” and fought tooth and nail to receive a refund. Eventually they were coerced into signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to receive a partial refund (not even a full refund!). These agencies are professionals at covering their tracks and keeping as much money as they can.

7. The ever-growing popularity of dating apps

everyone is on dating apps these days.

“In today’s world, it’s a reality that almost everyone who is single and seeking a date is using a dating app. Gone are the days when dating apps were primarily populated by low-quality individuals. Nowadays, things have changed significantly. Even the most accomplished and captivating people are actively present on dating apps.

While it’s true that you may come across individuals who don’t align with your preferences, it’s equally important to note that some of the most exceptional men and women in Los Angeles can be discovered on these very platforms. In fact, it’s a dirty little secret that many matchmaking agencies frequently source potential dates directly from online dating apps, recognizing them as the prime source for connecting with outstanding individuals.

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