Hinge Profile Tips for Guys

Hinge Profile Tips for Guys – 14 Insider Tips for Extreme Engagement

In this article, the world’s best online dating expert, Joshua Pompey, discusses the best hinge profile tips for guys, backed by years of experience and data. Follow the profile tips below and you will see your results on Hinge significantly increase.

1. Craft a compelling visual story

Creating a compelling visual story.

In order to effectively spark attraction on Hinge, it’s extremely important to tell a strong visual story with your photos. What does this mean? Think of each photo as a unique story that you are telling about yourself. What story is each of your photos telling?

The idea is to reveal as many attractive qualities as you can within each story you tell. If I were to post 6 photos posing alone, the only story I am telling is what I look like. That might work if you are a ridiculously good looking guy. But if you aren’t, your results will be limited at best.

On the other hand, if I were to post 1 photo looking my best self, 1 photo engaged in a fun activity, 1 photo with friends, 1 photo on a unique adventure, 1 photo that makes a woman laugh, and 1 photo with a dog, I’m now telling 6 interesting stories, each revealing a multitude of personality traits that women are instinctively attracted to. This visual story paints the picture of a man who is fun, worldly, has social value, is family-oriented, loves animals, and enjoys trying new things among many other things.

The stronger you can get your visual slideshow, the easier it will be to spark interest and build attraction.

2. Hire a professional photographer

Hire a professional photographer for great results.

Is hiring a professional photographer necessary for everyone? No. Can it lead to a significant impact on your results? Absolutely!

Based on my extensive experience and data over the past decade, I’ve found that opting for a professional photographer generally yields better overall results. Professional photographers are professionals for a reason. Who is more equipped to capture the best possible photos of you than someone who takes pictures for a living? And if your budget is tight, enlist the help of a friend who is skilled at taking photos.

3. Your weakest picture will determine your success

Always remember that you are only as good as your worst photo.

One of the most important hinge profile tips for guys is to always remember, you are only as strong as your weakest picture. You might have 5 engaging and attractive photos, but if that 6th photo causes someone to question your appearance, character, or authenticity, all the good will of the other 5 photos will be erased.

Considering the fierce competition on dating apps, you cannot afford to have any weak links. Women are unlikely to take chances on a profile that raises doubts.

4. Humor serves a multitude of purposes

Utilizing humor is one of the most important qualities of a great hinge profile.

Another one of the most important Hinge profile tips for guys is to always infuse humor into your profile. This is critical for a multitude of reasons.

  • Humor is one of the most effective tools for attracting beautiful women.
  • It reveals to women that you are fun to be around, increasing your chances of receiving a date.
  • Wit is a sign of intelligence; another extremely attractive quality to women.
  • It provides an exciting break from the boredom that most women encounter on the app.
  • It gives you an edge over most of your competition, as most profiles fail to evoke genuine laughter.

5. Be intentionally controversial (in a playful way)

A great hinge profile often benefits from a prompt that generates controversy.

What do I mean by this? Let’s take one of the more entertaining prompts on Hinge as an example: ‘My most controversial opinion.’ This prompt is an opportunity to write something intentionally designed to provoke a reaction. Now, let’s explore some examples of how we can respond to the prompt ‘my most controversial opinion’.

  • People who clap when airplanes land should be banished from society 🤣
  • If you don’t like pineapple on pizza, sorry, but you’re wrong… 🤪
  • Cereal tastes better when you pour the milk first. Prove me wrong…

The goal of these prompts is to spark a playful response that leads to witty banter, and they are often highly effective in achieving this. However, it is important to avoid making serious and controversial statements related to political or social issues. Keep it fun.

6. Choose your prompts strategically

Choosing your hinge prompts strategically is something that often gets overlooked.

Hinge doesn’t allow a self summary or an about me essay, so you need to choose your prompts strategically. The best way to approach the prompts is to structure them in a manner that allows you to reveal as many different aspects of your personality as you can. For example:

  • Prompt 1 could focus on generating laughs and igniting a strong reaction.
  • Prompt 2 could focus on revealing your unique interests and generating curiosity.
  • Prompt 3 could focus on showing your sense of adventure and establishing a commonality.

With so many prompts to choose from, there are endless possibilities for effectively stacking your prompts. However, the overarching goal should be to reveal as much about your personality and interests as possible. It’s important not to have all three prompts solely focused on humor or all three prompts solely focused on your love of the outdoors. The combination of your prompts should collectively tell a concise story that gives potential matches an idea of what it would be like to date you.

7. Always attempt to bait the reader into a conversation

An effective hinge profile will bait women into starting a conversation.

The easier you make it to engage with your profile, the more likely someone will. For example:

Instead of “This year I really want to explore Italy,” try, “This year I really want to take a culinary class in Sicily, but I’m open to ideas….! Where’s next on your travel list? 😁”

  • The first example is dull, lacks personality, and doesn’t inspire much engagement.
  • In contrast, the second example is much more specific, revealing a unique interest in cooking. It sparks conversation about cooking, Italian cuisine, Sicily, and more. It provides three opportunities to establish common ground (cooking, love of food, and love of travel). Moreover, it entices the reader to share her own travel interests and uses a smiley face to convey excitement about life.

Clearly, the second prompt is the winner when it comes to baiting the reader into a conversation. The crucial question to ask yourself every time you post a photo or write a prompt is, ‘Will this make someone want to interact with it?’ If the answer is no, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.”

8. Avoid using the voice prompts

One hinge profile tip that guys should never overlook is avoiding hinge voice prompts if they are not smooth with the microphone.

Voice prompts might sound great in theory, right? They give women a chance to hear your voice and experience your charm firsthand.

The problem is that recording your own voice is often more challenging than it seems. The majority of voice prompts come across as awkward or flat, doing more harm than good. Unless you are exceptionally comfortable on a microphone and possess a charismatic presence, it is best to avoid using voice prompts.

9. Hinge polls create a massive opportunity

Hinge polls create a massive opportunity to attract women.

Let’s examine an example of how to effectively use a Hinge poll:

Poll:  What do we have in common

A passion for live music (all time favorite artist?)

A strong sense of adventure (what’s on your travel list? ✈️)

A partner to share a life with

Now let’s analyze what the above poll accomplishes:

  • It establishes a strong passion
  • It showcases a sense of adventure and worldliness
  • It baits the reader into a conversation twice
  • It conveys serious intentions for a relationship and dismisses fears of being a player.

All this valuable information is packed into one little poll. Just like with prompts, there are numerous polls to choose from, offering endless opportunities to leverage them to our advantage.”

10. Develop a strong knowledge of how women experience attraction

Understanding how attraction works is critical towards attracting women with a hinge profile.

As men, we are highly visual when it comes to attraction. When we see a beautiful woman, we feel drawn to her. It’s a straightforward process.

Fortunately for us, women are wired differently. They respond more to our internal qualities and personality traits, thanks to evolutionary factors.

Demonstrating alpha qualities, ambition, social value, confidence, humor, etc., are just some of the many ways that we could spark attraction irrespective of the looks we were born with. The more we showcase these qualities in our hinge prompts and photos, the easier it will be to spark an instant attraction.

11. Photo backgrounds play an important role

Avoid profile photos that creating feelings of loneliness and isolation

The background in your photos reveals more than just your location at that particular moment. A picture has the power to evoke strong feelings based on its colors and mood.

For instance, a photo with a background featuring dreary colors or showing you alone in a room can elicit feelings of loneliness, sadness, and isolation. These emotions will then be associated with you, regardless of how good you may look in the photo.

On the other hand, a vibrant background that is colorful, fun, or interesting, has the power to invoke feelings of happiness and joy, which will in turn, be tied to how you are perceived. Always aim to find photo that exude the feelings you want your audience to experience.

12. The Secret to the Perfect Smile

This type of smile can make a massive difference in sparking attraction.

Several years ago, a renowned photographer named Peter Hurley gained widespread attention through a viral video showcasing a camera pose known as the ‘squinch.’ According to Hurley, this technique is highly effective in enhancing one’s photogenic appearance.

The term ‘squinch’ is a combination of squinting and pinching, and data indicates that it significantly increases attractiveness to women. Hurley explains that wide eyes can give the impression of fear or uncertainty, while squinching exudes confidence. Though the differences between the two photos may be subtle, see if you can spot the distinction. Learn more about the squinch technique here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff7nltdBCHs.”

13. Avoid words or phrases that unintentionally convey low confidence

Showing confidence online is always imporant.

One of the most overlooked hinge profile tips for guys is to use words that signal confidence. Many men unintentionally use language that comes across as desperate and needy.

For example, there is a difference between writing, ‘I hope to find a woman who is fun, intelligent, and caring,’ versus, ‘The right woman for me is fun, intelligent, and understands that the Game of Thrones finale was a cosmic slap in the face to the people of Earth’ or ‘The right woman for me is fun, intelligent, and understands that people who clap at the end of flights should receive lifetime bans on flying.

In the first example, the word hope conveys a low value man that is hoping that he can somehow find someone. This doesn’t exactly scream alpha. The follow up examples implement a simple change in phrasing (the right woman for me) to convey a man who is in control, confident, and knows exactly what he wants. In addition, the rewrite adds humor to the end of the statement and potentially baits the reader into a conversation.

14. Your profile should instantly create a sense of fomo

A well-constructed online dating profile will create a sense of fomo

To put it simply, if your profile is set up properly, a women should instantly feel a sense of fomo the second she sees it. If your profile does not make her fear x’ing you out, you need to go back to the drawing board and work on all of the steps above.

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