Matchmakers for Men Over 60

6 Reasons Matchmakers for Men Over 60 Are A Bad Idea

In this article, NEM founder Joshua Pompey examines why matchmakers for men over 60 are never a wise investment.

Matchmaking for men over 60

Let’s be honest, it’s tough for a man over 60 to meet someone new. You may feel and look extremely youthful, but your sixties isn’t exactly a decade where you are hopping around from bar to bar picking up ladies. To no fault of your own, the opportunities to meet new women just aren’t as abundant as they once were.

This makes the idea of hiring a matchmaker extremely compelling. Why not have a professional find you love as you sit back and wait for high quality dates to roll in? The problem is, most matchmaking agencies can’t deliver the high quality dates they promise. Especially matchmakers for men over 60. Let’s review some of the biggest reasons why.

1. Matchmakers oversell and undeliver

Matchmakers will promise you the world prior to signing up. Seeking a woman 30 years younger? No problem! Looking for a Harvard graduate who is also a part time Victoria Secret model? Absolutely, we have dozens of those! What’s that… you’d also like a pet unicorn? Ummm, that’s a little weird, but sure, we could make that happen!

Here’s the reality though – most matchmakers don’t actually have the dates that they promise to deliver. Nor are they able to retrieve them once you sign up. Their only concern is closing a non-refundable sale. Once they have your money, matchmakers are notorious for providing low quality dates that don’t measure up to expectations. Especially matchmakers for men over 60.

2. There is little incentive to work hard

When you hire a matchmaker, all payments are made upfront with no guarantees. Where is the motivation for these agencies to work their hardest if they’ve already been paid in full? Without performance based payments, there is little incentive for matchmakers to care about anything other than their next big sale.

This is why my companies unique spin on matchmaking (which you can learn more about later) has features built into it that create tremendous financial incentive for us to be as successful as we can, as fast as we can. Telling you to trust us based on our reputation isn’t enough. We want our clients to know that we are financially motivated as well.

3. Matchmakers for men over 60 take advantage of your age

Matchmakers know how hard it is for men in their sixties to meet new women. They will push every emotional button to convince you that this is the best path to finding love again, when in actuality, it is one of the worst investments you can make.

These agencies are also well aware that men in their sixties accumulate a lot of wealth over the years and attempt to take advantage of this notion. A dirty little secret of the matchmaking industry is that they often gage how much they can squeeze out of a potential client, then adjust their membership fees accordingly.

While you might be paying $15,000, the next guy might be paying $10,000, and another guy might be paying $5,000 for the same membership. To put it simply, there is a predatory approach with most matchmakers for men over 60.

4. Your dates aren’t always legit

Matchmakers usually can’t deliver the type of dates they promise because they simply don’t have the matches. But they still have to meet a date quota in order to avoid lawsuits.

So what do they do? Sometimes they secretly hire women to go on dates with their clients. Imagine investing thousands of dollars to meet someone special, and the date across from you is secretly just their to collect a paycheck. It’s morally reprehensible. How do I know this happens? I’ve managed to accumulate a lot of inside information from investigating the matchmaking industry over the years, and sadly, this happens all too often.

5. Matchmakers are an extremely high-risk, low-reward investment

Most matchmaking memberships only provide a handful of dates. Even if the dates provided were all great matches (which they almost never are), this amounts to an average cost of several thousand dollars per date.

Dating is a numbers game. The odds of meeting your future life partner the first, second, or even tenth date are extremely low. Spending thousands of dollars per date is not worth the money and a very poor investment.

6. Matchmakers are a relic of the past

The reason matchmakers have a hard time providing quality dates is because hardly anyone signs up for a matchmaker in this day and age. On that note, were matchmakers ever really an effective way of meeting people? Have you ever met one person in your entire life that actually met through a professional matchmaker? The answer to that question should immediately set off some alarm bells.

These days almost all single women, of all ages, are on online dating sites and APPS. In order to meet these women, you have to go straight to the source! Which brings us to how my company can help you…

So where is the best place to meet quality women?

The truth is, most single women these days are on online dating sites and APPS. It may not be how you grew up dating, but for better or worse, this is the way of the modern world!

Here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, we simplify the entire process for you. We combine traditional matchmaking techniques with the modern world of online dating, for a process that actually works and yields tremendous success rates. In fact, our average clients have found relationships in approximately 2 months of using our service!

To learn more about how we provide more dates and higher quality dates than traditional matchmakers, at a price point that makes sense, click here now.

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