How to Write an Online Dating Profile Like an NEM Professional

How to Write an Online Dating Profile Like an NEM Professional

By Joshua Pompey, Founder of Next Evolution Matchmaking

If you were to search the Internet right now for advice on how to write an online dating profile, you would probably find enough information to last a lifetime.  That’s a good thing right?  Unfortunately not.


For nearly a decade I have been at the forefront of online dating, often regarded as the best online dating expert in the world, and during that time, I have seen more misleading advice on how to write an online dating profile than one can imagine.  And not just bad advice.  The type of profile writing advice that often sets unknowing singles back for years.


Well here’s the good news.  I’ve been helping men and women to succeed with online dating at a success rate of over ninety-nine percent since 2009, and can all but assure you that you will never be mis-led by my advice.  With hundreds of testimonials from people all over the world, and an endless stream of media recognition, you can sleep easy at night, assured that you will get you the results you are looking for.  So let’s get started, because love it or hate it, learning how to write a great online dating profile is the most important determinant of whether you succeed or fail online.


1.  Never just say what you are like, show what you are like.


Declaring that you are witty, silly, or fun, mean’s absolutely nothing to a stranger that is reading your profile.  Even if this is true, in the online world, everyone claims to have a million great qualities.


Instead of stating the qualities you possess, you need to show them through your profile writing.  If you are witty, make witty comments in your profile.  If you are silly, demonstrate this by writing something silly in your profile or telling a silly anecdote about yourself.  The more you reveal your personality by actually showing it, the more attracted your audience will feel towards you.


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2.  Create an interactive experience.


After a while, most peoples eyes begin to glaze over when they start to read a profile.  This is because most profiles can get real repetitive, real fast. Circumvent this problem by providing a conversational feel to your profile.


So how do you write an online dating profile that accomplishes this? As you write your profile, imagine that you are directly talking to the person on the other end.  Ask questions.  Be flirtatious.  Act as if the other person is standing writing in front of you when you are writing your profile.   Not only will this make your online dating profile more interesting, but it will psychologically make your audience feel as if you are directly talking to them, creating a sub-conscious connection right off the bat.


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3.   Add profile bait to your writing.


After years or writing online dating profiles, I have found that in the busy and A.D.D. world we now live in, the easier you make it for your audience to ask you a question, the more likely he or she will initiate a conversation or respond to your email.   Profile bait is one of my most popular techniques for achieving this.  This is the act of adding a question or comment to your profile that “baits” the reader into asking you something.


For example, suppose you once met up with someone for a date in Central Park that turned out to be an absolute date from hell.  An example of profile bait might be placing the following statement somewhere in my profile, “I’m always up for a run in Central Park (don’t forget to ask me about the crazy time I literally had to run from an online date I met there!!).”  This comment sets the reader up to ask you an easy question, with very little thinking involved.  As an added bonus, you could copy and paste your answer whenever someone asks about the story, saving double the time.


4.  Understand what your language reveals about you.


The words you choose when writing an online dating profile will have a much larger impact than you might think.  You need to always use words and phrases that make you appear confident, positive, and in control, and avoid negative words that make you appear weak, needy, or desperate.


For example, saying “if you are interested, I hope to hear from you,” sends all the wrong signals.  The word if shows a lack of confidence.  And the word hope, conveys the image of someone who is just sitting around, waiting, and hoping to meet someone.  A simple tweak in word selection to “looking forward to hearing from you,” can change the entire perception.  The latter is confident, implies he or she is expecting messages, and does not convey someone who is just sitting around and waiting.


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5.  Always maintain positive energy. 


One of the biggest mistake I see online daters make, is making lists of what they don’t want in a partner.   Avoid this at all costs.  No matter what you do, people you aren’t interested in will message you.  It is impossible to avoid.   Making lists of what you don’t want will only cause the people that you are interested in, to think you are bitter, jaded, etc.  Focus on the positive only when writing your online dating profile, and leave out all negativity.


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