How to Attract Women Online

How to Attract Women Online

The Secret to Creating Extremely Attractive Photo Galleries Without Being Conventionally Attractive

By NEM Founder, Joshua Pompey

Think you need to be born with movie star looks to attract a beautiful woman online?  Think again.  If that was the case, I would have been put out of business a long time ago.  I’ve been helping men all over the world for over a decade to learn how to attract women online regardless of what they look like.   The truth is, the looks you were born with don’t matter if you learn how to maximize the potential of your photo gallery in various other ways that tap into qualities women are attracted to.  In this article I am going to reveal some of my best tools for crafting insanely attractive photo galleries, without having insanely attractive looks.

First you need to learn how to attract women online based on qualities other than your looks.

Did you know that women generally feel a natural attraction towards a man’s internal characteristics and personality traits, more than a man’s physical appearance?


Why?  Because women are biologically wired much differently than men.  When they see certain internal qualities in a man, they instinctively feel attracted, the same way a man instinctively feels attracted when he sees a beautiful woman.  This is evolutionary instinct.


I have found over the years that there are ten fundamental qualities that will attract most women, all having nothing to do with the looks you are born with.   The more you infuse these qualities into each picture, the less your looks will play a role, and the easier it will be to attract women online.

So What Qualities Do Women Naturally Feel An Attraction Towards?

Some of the qualities that women will naturally feel attracted to are men that:


  • Demonstrate social value
  • Reveal alpha male characteristics
  • Show high levels of self-confidence (not arrogance)
  • Have a great sense of humor
  • Show ambition or the desire to achieve goals
  • Create an air of mystery
  • Display an adventurous spirit
  • Reveal protector qualities / ability to care for a family


These are just a few of the many qualities you can infuse into each picture to drastically improve your odds of attracting women online. Using 1 attraction builder on its own will do very little to attract women online.  However, if you use 3 or more in each picture, and post 8 pictures, now you have a photo gallery that women will be wired to feel an attraction towards, the same way you are wired to notice a beautiful woman walking down the street.

Let’s take a look at an example of a photo that would attract women online…

The photo you are looking at is taken directly from my very own photo gallery.  Let’s take a look at what is accomplished in this picture:

  • The photo reveals humor and makes women smile.
  • The photo reveals that I have protector qualities and am probably family oriented (I own a dog).
  • Having a dog demonstrates that I am responsible, which also translates to the fact that I likely have goals and ambition as well.
  • Finally, as an added bonus, the photo serves as profile bait, providing women with an easy opportunity to comment on the picture.

On its own will this picture attract women online?  Absolutely not.  Two or three attraction building qualities in one picture is almost negligible. But what if I added several more pictures that also tapped into qualities women are attracted to…

Now my 2nd picture taps into even more qualities women are attracted to…


With this picture I am now revealing even more aspects of more personality, along with more qualities women are instinctively attracted to.  This picture now shows alpha male characteristics, a sense of adventure, the ambitious nature of attempting to accomplish a difficult task, etc.

I now have 2 pictures with a total of 6 or more qualities that women are instinctively attracted to, all having nothing to do with my looks.  Now just imagine how powerful I become at attracting women online with 8 pictures, all tapping into 3 or more attraction builders!  This is why we mostly want to avoid selfies and solo shots when creating an online photo gallery, and focus on tapping into attraction building qualities, and telling an amazing visual story about our personalities.  The more we tap into qualities other than looks, the less looks will play a role in our results.

Does this mean looks don’t matter at all when it comes to attracting women online?

Of course not.  Looks do matter.  But only to an extent.  You can’t look like a hot mess and expect women to overlook it.  Why?  Because showing that you don’t take care of yourself reveals negative internal qualities (a.k.a. attraction killers) that will override other attraction builders.  Looking like a mess reveals lazinesses, lack of social awareness, etc.

The good news is that just about any man can look attractive enough physically, pending he stays in reasonable shape, and puts together the right style.  Once this is complete and combined with a photo gallery that taps into various internal qualities women are attracted to, you will be well on your way to success.

Finally and MOST importantly….

You can have the best photo gallery in the world, but your results will be minimal at best if your profile writing and email writing fail to incorporate the same principles.  Every word you write online needs to tap into attraction building qualities the same way the photo gallery does.   Once you learn to optimize all 3 aspects of your online dating life, your results online will be unstoppable.

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